Gothenburg site core units

Prel. mapping from topics to units (courses) in Gothenburg. Some topic are mapped to two units - that means both are candidates (we, or the student should pick one).

Comp. Const.17TDA282SP4ICompiler Construction (~= Compilers II)
Types212DAT140SP1ATypes for Programs and proofs
Semantics11DAT060SP1ILogic in Computer Science
Semantics16DAT150SP3IProgramming Language Technology (~= Compilers I)
Correctness211TDA292SP1ASE using formal methods
Func. Prog.13TDA451SP2IFunctional Programming
Func. Prog.115TDA341SP3AAdvanced Functional Programming
Softw. Dev.118DAT135SP1OSoftware Architecture
Softw. Dev.120DAT180SP3OSoftware Leadership and quality management
Project18DAT085SP4PComp.Sci. Project

Interesting courses for the HAS master

(List made for the 20091116 "High assurance software" meeting in Budapest.)

1DAT060SP1ILogic in Computer Science
3TDA451SP2IFunctional Programming
4DAT120SP2IProgramming paradigms
5TDA566SP2iTesting, debugging and verification (BSc)
6DAT150SP3IProgramming Language Technology (~= Compilers I)
7TDA282SP4ICompiler Construction (~= Compilers II)
8DAT085SP4PComp.Sci. Project
9DAT030SP?AResearch internship (15hp)
10TDA261SP1-4AFrontiers of programming language technology
11TDA292SP1ASE using formal methods
12DAT140SP1ATypes for Programs and proofs
13TDA183SP2AModels of Computation
14TDA251SP2AAdvanced algorithms
15TDA341SP3AAdvanced Functional Programming
16TDA956SP4AHardware description and verification
17TDA601SP4ALanguage based security
18DAT135SP1OSoftware Architecture
19DAT105SP2OComputer Architecture; (strength of Chalmers: Per Stenströms group)
20DAT180SP3OSoftware Leadership and quality management
21DAT165SP2OSoftware product line engineering
22TDA593SP2iModel driven software development (BSc)

There is also at least one course teaching or using Erlang (at the Applied IT dept., GU).


  • no = an arbitrary (but unique) numbering of courses
  • code = the course code in Chalmers' student portal
  • SP = Study Period = current placement of a unit in the ac. year
  • lev = maturity level (I = Intro, A = advanced, i = BSc level, O = Other topic/not rated)
  • Course plans can be found at: let prefix = "http://www.student.chalmers.se/sp/course?course_code=" in prefix ++ code
  • All the courses are 7.5hec unless otherwise noted.
  • All the courses are taught at U. of Goth. and at Chalmers

Some of the dependencies:

  ProgLang -> ModComp
  ProgLang -> Frontiers
  FP       -> AFP
  ProgLang -> AFP [style=dashed]
  LiCS     -> AFP [style=dashed]
  ProgLang -> CompConstr
  ProgLand -> LBSec
  CompSec  -> LBSec