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If one is going to spend some money which is not covered by projects should recheck it with Staffan!

There may be some changes in required credits for PhD students but not formally released yet

PhD students in our research school (MTD) should book meeting with Staffan regarding their progess

Support is going to make some changes in servers, it seems that we should stop using emails on instead, we should use ones!. Also the sun server is going to be changed, so all external links should be managed regarding this change. Steffan will check about details

There have been some discussion about supporting Master students to publish their papers and attending conferences.

An activity plan for each department has been released. Olof will check ours.

We were informed about increases in first hand applicaions for some MSc programs.(there were non international applicaions for ID program, it has been increased)

There were lots of information about Goals of activity, as Olof said there is a link to our Wiki on department's Wiki that we can get these info. Does anyone have this link? [If you are reading this you've found it]

If someone give a lecture for another department, she/he can constact Eva Löthman about it.(issues like payment) On May 13th, there is an exhibition of Master students' project in Lindholmen science park, everyone is welcome!