2014-01-14: Head of Department, recruitment update

The recruitment committee have had their first meeting. In the coming days, a requirement profile will be formulated. This is followed in coming weeks by an opportunity for all employees to nominate persons/themselves for the position. A clearer description of the nomination process will be communicated via e-mail next week, and will also be included in the Weekly News next Friday. Planned focus on internal (within the department) and external advertising as well as a time plan for the recruitment process will be communicated shortly. Members of the committee will consult with their respective areas regarding both the requirement profile and the nomination and advertising process.

  • Faculty representatives: David Sands, Miroslaw Staron, Per Stenström
  • Technical/administrative representative: Suzana Plancak Jeremic
  • PhD-student representative: Angelos Arelakis
  • Employee organizations (SACO/ST) representative: Roger Johansson
  • Department Council representative: Staffan Truvé
  • Student Union representatives: Gokul Sai Evuri (GU), Niclas Alexandersson (Chalmers)
  • Vice President of Chalmers: Mats Viberg
  • Dean of the IT-faculty: Jan Smith
  • HR-specialist CSE: Gunilla Dahlgren

For questions regarding the process, contact gunilla.dahlgren@chalmers.se

2014-01-15: (Gunilla Dahlgren, HR-officer): A very brief information related to Chalmers guideline; nominating/selecting a head of department.

A recruitment group will be formed with the following composition;

The department collegium2-3 representatives
TA personnel1 representative
Unions1 representative
PhD population1 representative
Studentkåren1-2 representatives (GU/Chalmers)
First vice president
Institutionsrådet1 representative
HR specialist

A requirement profile will be formulated and communicated. The recruitment group is expected to present at least 2 suitable candidates, whereof one women. First vice president Chalmers and Dean IT faculty decide.


Nominations for the recruitment group for the head of department after Catarina Coquand:

  • Roger Johansson
  • Helena Holmström Olsson (GU)
  • Miroslaw Staron (GU)
  • Per Stenström
  • Björn von Sydow