SET division meeting next Tuesday, January 15th

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to our new division!

We have many things to discuss together. The first opportunity to do so will be in our first division meeting in the new organisation, which will take place next Tuesday, January 15th, 15.15-16. I have booked EDIT-rummet, the new name for "Sektionsgemensamma sammanträdesrummet". This has new furniture and will just barely have room for all of us. Bring your own coffee; some form of SET birth(day) cake will be provided.

Among issues to discuss on the agenda are at least the following:

- Forms, locations, frequency etc of division meetings. - How can we communicate/inform efficiently in matters of the division: meeting notes, mailing lists, web site, wiki,... - Brief overview of division budget and other economic information. - Other matters.

I hope this meeting time is suitable for most of you, since study period 3 has not yet started next week.

See you there!