First-phase submitted proposal here: https://document.chalmers.se/workspaces/chalmers/data-och/samlingsmapp/forslag-nya/embedded-electronic

To be done:

  • Arrange meetings with teachers of affected courses
- Needs to be done week 36 at the latest
- Meeting posted and invitations sent out
  • Discuss again with Thomas + Tomas @ S2
- Email discussion ongoing
  • Finalize list of semi-compulsory courses
- check that "traces" can be followed
- Enter more traces if desired
  • Think again and write something about the embedded angle
- DONE thanks to Kjell and Per S
  • Compare with programmes at other universities. Is "embedded" a bad name?
- Used at Twente, Delft, and many British Universities
- Could be backed up with re-branding of EDA222 in order to emphasize software aspects (Action Point for Jan J)
  • Consider new-course proposals
- Not the right time to start sth now
  • Understand where Johan Liu's courses can be placed in time
- Johan strongly prefers SP2 and SP3
- SP2 may become tight resource


Background info

  • Compulsory: intro course + circuits in period 1; methods in period 2; project in periods 3 and 4
  • Slots for other courses in period 1.2 (1), 1.3 (1), 1.4 (1), 2.1 (2), 2.2 (2)
- Within these, need to fulfill requirement for semicompulsory courses

Computer Systems trace

  • SP 1.2: Computer Architecture (DAT105)
  • SP 1.3: Parallel Computers (EDA281) NOTE: would EDA222 be a better choice? Then EDA281 would need to move to the fall, for example to SP1.
  • SP 1.4: Compiler Construction (TDA282)
  • SP 2.1: Fault-tolerant Computer Systems (EDA122)
  • SP 2.2: Operating Systems (EDA092)

Trace cannot be completed unless EDA331 was taken previously.

Building practices trace

  • SP 1.2: Packaging (MKM105)
  • SP 1.3: Reliability and Thermal Management (MCC095)
  • SP 1.4: Optoelectronics (MCC055)

Electronic systems trace

  • SP 1.2: AD/DA and mixed signals (successor of DAT100/DAT115)
  • SP 1.3: Real-time systems (EDA222)
  • SP 1.4: Hardware description and verification (TDA956)

Communication and signal processing trace

  • SP 2.1: Introduction to communication engineering (SSY121)
  • SP 2.2: Applied signal processing (SSY130); Digital Communications (SSY125)

Other traces may be possible too.

CSN proposal moves many interesting courses to the spring, which may cause them to have lower attendance.