All courses of interest to the CSE master programmes should be entered in this table. The first table is per study period (SP), and the second table is per course. In the second table, please describe intended developments and whether the course is to be moved from its current period.

What's important here is "external" changes, such as new SP assignment, or merge/split/redistribution of material across several courses. Don't detail small changes: courses will always evolve. Enter whatever is important for fitting courses into programmes, no more, no less.

Per study period

This table is intended to schematically show changes. Mark if a current course should be removed or if a new course should be inserted (in the latter case you need to invent a course code). If you intend to move a course from one SP to another, mark it as removed in its original place, and as inserted in the new place. Then enter details in the per-course list below.

If you consider moving a course with a lab component, be aware that the CSE course labs are most lightly loaded in SP4.

Organization is in some kind of topics. Feel free to improve on the categories.

 DAT105EDA281 Comp arch
EDA122   Dependability
 TDA596  Distributed systems
DAT145 TDA297 Distributed systems
EDA203EDA092 EDA092 EDA203Operating systems
EDA386EDA491 EDA491Networking
TDA381TDA183DAT150TDA282To be categorized
DAT060   To be categorized
TDA261To be categorized
TDA293   Software engineering
TIN092TDA251 TIN092Computer Science
MKM105MKM105  Microtechnology
 MCC095MCC095 Microtechnology
 SSY130SSY140SSY150Signal processing
DAT999   Proposed new courses; not assigned to period yet

Course by course

Please try to maintain alphabetical order. Thanks.

The "prereqs" field does not have to cover the exact prerequisites, but should list courses that should be possible to take before the course in question.

DAT060Logic in Computer ScienceDiscrete math, programming 
DAT091Introduction to Integrated Electronic System Design One of two portal courses for IESD. For EESD, would be interesting to replace this with intro course common with MPCOM, also in SP1
DAT095Electronic System Design ProjectDAT091, DAT110, MCC090Fifteen-credit design project that covers all of spring. Compulsory for IESD and limited number of students, so not really of interest to most other students. No external changes foreseen for EESD; some expansion of the possible subject matter is expected
DAT100Analog integrated circuit designMCC090, EDA351, ESS017This course will likely have to change focus to absorb some of the content of DAT115. Still intended to be in SP2
DAT105Computer ArchitectureEDA331Realignment and redistribution of some course content from EDA281 being discussed. No intention to move from SP2
DAT110Methods for electronic system design and verificationDAT091Builds the CAD background needed in DAT095 in the spring. No external changes foreseen
DAT115Data conversion techniquesDAT091 or SSY130Course likely to disappear as independent course and partial content merged with DAT100
DAT145Advanced topics in networks and distributed systemsEDA342, EDA092, EDA386, TDA596Remains in SP1 (2nd year)
DAT150Programming language technology  
DAT999Energy-aware computing Not assigned to SP yet. More info at Energy-awareComputing
EDA092OperativsystemDAT015 or EDA480Currently in SP3 but moves to SP2 to support MPCSN
EDA122Fault-tolerant computer systems  
EDA203Unix InternalsEDA092Portal course in MPCSN with an advanced operating systems topic and moves to SP1. New name will be "Dependable Computer Systems".
EDA222Real-Time Systems Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN. Remains in SP3. May change its name to better reflect the current content of embedded programming and software architectures
EDA263Computer SecurityEDA092Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN and moves to SP3
EDA281Parallel Computer Organization and DesignDAT105Under discussion in conjunction with DAT105. Content needs to be more widely distributed due to multicore breakthrough. SP placement?
EDA386Internet technology Portal course in MPNET and will remain so for MPCSN. New name will be "Computer Networks"
EDA421Parallel and Distributed Real-Time SystemsEDA222Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN and moves to SP4. May change its name to e.g. "Advanced Real-Time Systems".
EDA491Network securityEDA342Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN and moves to SP4
MCC090Digital Integrated Circuit Design The other IESD portal course in SP1. Expected to be extended to deal also with some analog circuit issues. Currently an MC2 course but might need to be taken over by CSE eventually
MCC095Reliability and thermal management of microsystems Under discussion for EESD
MKM105Introduction to microsystems packaging Under discussion for EESD
SSY121Introduction to communication engineeringSSY041, SSY080, TMA981, or similarPortal course for MPCOM
SSY125Digital communicationsSSY121, MVE135 
SSY130Applied signal processingMVE135 
SSY135Wireless communicationsSSY125 
SSY140Source Coding   
SSY145Wireless networks   
SSY150Multimedia and video communications   
TDA183Models of computation  
TDA251Algorithms, advanced courseTIN092 
TDA261Frontiers of programming language technologyDAT060, DAT150Seminar course over full year
TDA293Software engineering using formal methods  
TDA282Compiler construction DAT150 etc 
TDA297Distributed Systems (advanced)TDA596Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN. Remains in SP3
TDA351CryptographyNone stated in the course portal 
TDA381Parallell programmering At basic level, but available in NDS and SE programmes
TDA596Distributed SystemsTDA381, EDA092Included in one of the project sequences in MPCSN. Remains in SP3
TDA601Language-based security DAT150, EDA263 
TDA956Hardware description and verificationDAT060, TDA566 
TIN092Algorithms  Given twice in SP1 and SP4