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SE Seminar Schedule

This is the schedule for the SE division seminar in the academic year 2020 / 2021. Common types of seminars are trial talks (for upcoming conferences, defenses, etc.), presentations of ongoing research, lectures by academic guests, and other research talks.

Date & TimePresenterTitleTalk Type Talk AbstractLocation
15.10.2021 (10:00)     
05.11.2021 (10:00)     
19.11.2021 (10:00)Hamdy Michael AyasThe journey of migrating towards microservicesConference presentation practiceWe will showcase the evolutionary and iterative nature of the migration journey towards microservices at an architectural-level and system-implementation level. Also, we identify 18 detailed activities that take place in these levels, categorized in the four phases of 1) designing the architecture, 2) altering the system, 3) setting up supporting artifacts, and 4) implementing additional technical artifacts.To be defined
14.01.2022 (10:00)     
28.01.2022 (10:00)Peter Samoaa    
11.02.2022 (10:00)Weixing Zhang  

Registered students in 21 / 22:

  • Hazem Samoaa
  • Aiswarya Raj Munappy
  • Weixing Zhang
  • Hamdy Ayas
  • Khan Mohammad Habibullah
  • Linda Erlenhov