The FM+FP+iSec divisions (previously the ST division) has a git repository in the cse-set file area. To get it do

  git clone --resursive

It has a top-level README describing the contents of several subdirectories. The repository is also available as a private repo on bitbucket - just ask Patrik if you want access. With access you can clone from there as follows:

  git clone --recursive

Older fixes (may still apply)

If you don't have the git repo get, and you get a complaint from git about not finding git-upload-pack or git-receive-pack, call

  git clone --upload-pack /chalmers/groups/cse-set/bin/git-upload-pack


  git clone --upload-pack /chalmers/sw/sup64/phc/b/binh/git-upload-pack

and then add the following lines to the file .git/config under the [remote "origin"] heading:

  [remote "origin"]
    uploadpack  = /chalmers/groups/cse-set/bin/git-upload-pack
    receivepack = /chalmers/groups/cse-set/bin/git-receive-pack