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Long Term Planning

A work session held during the ST Winter Meeting 2016.

Introduction (13.30)


For this session we will work in four working groups (with around 10 participants each) based on the sub-division structure at ST:

  • Group A ~= senior faculty ~= permanent positions at the CSE department
  • Group B ~= junior faculty + guest researchers ~= PhD degree but no permanent position here
  • Group C1+C2: No PhD degree yet, no permanent position (PhD students + amanuens + other)

Pedagogical ideas:

  • Bottom-up gathering of ideas (first individual, then group, then line manager/organisation)
  • Start with a far away (>=5 years) perspective to avoid "lock-in" to the present state
  • Written documentation to remember and share (with those not present)
  • End with focus on individual actions (to get a shared sense of responsibility)
  • Have fun!

Group work, stage 1 (13.45)

  • Each group gets a few question to work on (see below).
  • Each group has a chair (keeping time, leading the work) and a scribe (documenting).
  • Prepare to present your results to other division members later.
  • 15min: Short presentation round: name + where/who/what you were 5 years ago (2011-02-01)
  • 60min: Long term planning discussion
    • Where do you want (us) to be in 5 years from now?
    • What could be ways to get there?
    • What can we do now (in a month, in a year) to get there?

Group work, stage 2 (15.00)

  • Groups B, C1, C2 stay where they are but are extended with seniors from group A (the line manager + a few more).
  • Group A is split (into AB, AC1, AC2) and joins the three other groups.
  • 10 min: The group presents their results to the seniors.
  • 10 min: The seniors present their results to the group
  • 10 min: Each participant identifies one individual "next action". (Answering "What can I contribute?".)

Coffee (15.30)

More details for chairs and scribes


  • start the discussion in brain-storming mode
  • then pick a few topics or ideas to focus on
  • make sure everybody gets a chance to contribute
  • keep time


  • make raw notes during the session
  • include the names of the group members
  • clean up the notes a bit afterwards
  • send the notes to your line manager by the end of the winter meeting
GroupAbbrRoleFirst nameLast name
A+C2AlRu AlejandroRusso
A+C1AnSa AndreiSabelfeld
A+C1CaFu CarloFuria
A+C1JoHu JohnHughes
A+C2JvHa Joachimvon Hacht
A+C2KoClscribeKoenLindström Claessen
A+BLaKo LauraKovacs
A+BMaSh MarySheeran
A+BNiBr NiklasBroberg
A+C2PaJa PatrikJansson
A+BTiRa TiinaRankanen
A+C2WoAh WolfgangAhrendt
BAlGe AlexGerdes
BAvdP Atzevan der Ploeg
BEmAx EmilAxelsson
BMiPa MichałPałka
BMoJo MoaJohansson
BMuBa MusardBalliu
BNiSm NicholasSmallbone
BSvAc Stevenvan Acker
BThAn ThibaudAntignac
C1MaKa MátéKarácsonyi
C1AdSE AdamSandberg Ericsson
C1AnEk AntonEkblad
C1DaRo DanRosén
C1InLi InariListenmaa
C1IrLV IreneLobo Valbuena
C1JoDuscribeJonasAlmström Duregĺrd
C1MaAr MarkusAronsson
C1MaVa MarcoVassena
C1NiFr NikitaFrolov
C2AlSj AlexanderSjösten
C2DaSc DanielSchoepe
C2EvKo EvgeniiKotelnikov
C2HaEbchairHamidEbadi Tavallaei
C2JoKi JonatanKilhamn
C2MaCh MauricioChimento
C2PeHa PerHallgren
C2RaPascribeRaulPardo Jimenez
C2SiRo SimonRobillard