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Medarbetaskap / Employeeship project at the CSE department

Some information about the "Medarbetarskapsprojekt".

FYA: Please fill in your availability for the employeeship project

(Mail from PaJa to the ST division 2015-04-24.)

Short: For those who have not participated before: please mark all the dates you are available in the doodle by 2015-05-18. Others are also welcome to participate.


The employeeship project is restarting after a longer break. I'm happy to say that most of the ST faculty have already attended these workshops (2012-2014). I attended back in 2012 and I really liked the opportunity to build new connections across divisions (including the adm. support division) and to discuss different viewpoints, problems and solutions. All workshops also provided concrete feedback about how the department could improve. In addition to these larger and smaller effects on the participants and the resulting improvements of the local environment these workshops were also essential in identifying and solving at least one serious workplace environment problem. [This was not part of the plan when the project was started but can be seen as a positive side-effect.] I think these workshops can be really interesting events where the participants can both provide valuable input to the CSE department and strengthen their connections within the department. The workshop agenda is rather open, with lots of time for discussion, so you will have the opportunity of really affecting it in the direction you feel would be constructive. With this opportunity also comes the responsibility to be active (both as listener and talker) and to try to make sure every participant feels part of the activity.

Details follow below in the common mail to all at CSE.

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To all employees at CSE

"Excellent research, world-class education, collaboration that develops", "Quality-driven research, education and collaboration in an inspiring environment”. The visions of Chalmers and GU are great but how do we get there? Work environment is an important piece of the puzzle, a good feeling about the workplace is a central criterion to achieving the goals.

Three years ago, CSE initiated the project Medarbetarskap, aiming to create the best possible working environment. The culture at the department, how we treat each other, how we can work together as well as possible, how we create engagement, include all employees and encourage them to take responsibility and initiative, is important for our performance. The project came to with the conviction that work environment is not only a leadership issue. All employees need skills and training in these topics to achieve the best possible results. Therefore, we want to restart the project, primarily to provide opportunity to those who have not yet participated in the workshop.

Three sessions are scheduled during autumn. The set-up is one and a half-day workshop, and then a half-day follow-up after about a month. At the follow-up, representatives from the department management takes part to directly receive feedback from the workshop.

What's in It for me?

We are each other's work environment, and you are offered an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your colleagues, and how we can be more effective together. Mark all the dates you are available for in the doodle. The current occasions are intended primarily for those who have not participated before and we want each workshop to have a good representation of divisions and roles.

Deadline 18/5.

Date for coming Medarbetarskap seminars.

  • 15-16/9 + 27/10
  • 29-30/10 + 1/12
  • 26-27/11 + 15/1

Welcome ! Best regards.

Michel Chaudron, Peter Dybjer, Sanna Erling-Glyssbo, Patrik Jansson, Johan Karlsson, Arne Linde, Peter Lundin och Per Stenström