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Residence permit for working at Chalmers

(HR-contact: Gunilla Dahlgren or as a backup, other people at the HR unit.)

Before arriving in Sweden to work for us you may need a permission from Migrationsverket (the Swedish Migration Board). (If you are from withing the European Union things are easier.)

The below information is for PhD students (other employees follow the normal employee rules) .

As a PhD student at Chalmers you will be both a student and an employee, but from the point of view of Migrationsverket only your student status is relevant.

The (electronic) paperwork to be done is described here:

which currently (2013-08-08) points to

and further to an electronic application form

The application requires (among other things) an "admission to research school" and "employment" forms from Chalmers usually administered by research school secretary (Eva Axelsson) and signed by the Assistant Head of Department for Graduate Education (Koen Claessen).

If you have further questions you can contact Gunilla Dahlgren or Migrationsverket directly.

There is some local information in Swedish about this process here: