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ST Division Meeting 2016-01-22 at 15:15 in the EDIT-room

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)


A group consisting of the viceprefekt Peter, the adminchef Sanna, the economy chef Birgitta, and the three studierektorer (Ana, Rolf and Richard) are running the so-called "education centralisation project" at CSE.

The project has as main objective to move the teaching (economy, responsibility, planning, ...) from the division up to the department level.

One of the tasks we discuss, and the one which is probably the most relevant for many of us, is trying to harmonise how we at D&IT allocate teaching resources over all five divisions. At the ST division meeting on Friday, our VicePref Peter will present some statistics he has collected for the courses at our department, and discuss what is needed to be able to get a common view of teaching at the department.

We would like now to get some input from all of you on this issue. What do you think is a good way to distribute our teaching capacity on different courses? What should be included in teaching time, "reserve" time, and competence development time?

So please come to the meeting and contribute with your thoughts and experience!


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2016-01-12Anton EkbladLic
2016-01-29Luciano BelloPhD
2016-02-29Daniel HausknechtLic
2016-03-04Bart van DelftPhD
2016-03-18Daniel SchepeLic
2016-04-29Pablo BuirasPhD