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ST Division Meeting 2016-02-26 at 14:00 in the EDIT-room (3364)

(One of the ST Division Meetings. Chaired by Gerardo Schneider.)

Welcome to the ST meeting which will be in room EDIT room (3364) on Fri Feb 26 at 14:00.

The main topic of this meeting is research grants and applications.

  • An approximate agenda:
    • Information about VR (TBC)
    • Short presentations on ongoing/planned grant applications (VR, ...??)
    • Decide on reviewers for a peer-review process (to help those applying for grants)
    • Discussion on how to help/improve our grant application (at the division or research group level): Internal workshop on how to write applications, brainstorm meetings to enhance internal collaboration, etc.
    • Anything else? (Please send me an email if you have any suggestion on other things to discuss concerning research)
  • Action Points for you:
    • If you intend to apply to VR (or have plans for applying somewhere else during this year), please let me know by email by Wed Feb 24 (you can add some additional information if you want: where, when and the topic). Also prepare a very short presentation about your application to present during the meeting (doesn't need to be formal, max 5 min).