User home directories are stored at the central Chalmers file servers. Information can be found at . There is also some information in English at Disk quota is enforced on these servers.

At CSE, there is also a local fileserver, called . At this location we can store lager quantities of data, but there is no nightly backup as on the central servers. This server is suitable for temporary files generated by large simulations etc.

From Linux workstations and servers, the local filesystem is available at /cab/ce/subsys/fs/backup . If you want to use this area, send an email to . You will then get your own area /cab/ce/subsys/fs/backup/one_week/user/~ and/or /cab/ce/subsys/fs/backup/none/user/~ .

From Windows, you need to mount \\\ce . Your directories are then available at subsys\fs\backup\one_week\user\~, etc.