Linux tricks and tips

Login to a remote Windows computer

For Linux users it can sometimes be good to get access to M$ Win.-applications like Outlook.

  • Connect to a login-screen: rdesktop -fullscreen
  • Login with user NET\cid and your corresponding password
  • Toggle "full screen" with Ctrl-Enter (to enable minimizing and cut'n paste between Linux and Windows)

To install rdesktop for Ubuntu:

  sudo apt-get install rdesktop

Login to remote Linux-computers


and similarly for remote12, 13, etc.

These machines are only for employees. Students have machines named


See more here:

Update kerberos-credentials in the background

On *DAT-Linux maskiner:

/chalmers/sw/sup/ktupd-1.1/bin/ktupd [--help]

MANPATH=/chalmers/sw/sup/ktupd-1.1/man man ktupd ============================================================================== ktupd(1) ktupd(1)


       ktupd - A kerberos ticket update daemon


       ktupd [ days ]


       Ktupd reads a password and then becomes a daemon that updates your ker-
       beros ticket cache by running kinit once every 3 hours.

       Ktupd also monitors the ticket cache and detects when  it  is  deleted.
       If so it recreates the ticket cache.

       By  default ktupd exits after 7 days. With the optional argument it can
       run up to a maximum of 30 days.


               The kerberos ticket cache, it is identified by  the  KRB5CCNAME
               environment variable.

               A log of what ktupd is doing. The first lines tells you when it
               was started and when it will terminate. Then there will be  one
               entry  for each time kinit was run. It is removed if ktupd ter-
               minates normally (by running out of time).

               A locckfile to prevent more than one ktupd  updating  the  same


       kinit(1), klist(1), kdestroy(1), kerberos(1)

                                      1.0                             ktupd(1)