CMOS065 install process

  1. Unpack and install the cmos065 4.21 distribution to installation directory <cab/ce/sw/foundry/.stm/stm/cmos065/4.21/> according to the instructions in the readme file on the distribution CD.
  2. In the </install/setup_working_dir/> make the following file modifications.

file: .cshrc_cmos065

Make sure "setenv CMOS065_DIR" points to the installation directory <.../cmos065/4.21>
Modify "setenv CDS_INST_DIR" to <.../lnx>
Modify "setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE" to ""
Uncomment and modify "setenv MGC_HOME" to </cab/ce/sw/mentor/calibre/2008.1_20/ixl_cal_2008.1_20.15>
Uncomment "set path=..."
Uncomment and modify "setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE" to "${LM_LICENSE_FILE}"

For PLS extraction with Star-RCXT add the following 3 lines
setenv RCXT_HOME_DIR /cab/ce/sw/synopsys/star-rcxt/2008.06-SP1/linux_star-rcxt/
set path=($path $RCXT_HOME_DIR/bin )

file: .cdsinit

At the end of the file uncomment the two lines for calibre/virtuoso interface.
"load(strcat(getShellEnvVar("MGC_HOME") "/shared/pkgs/icv.ss5/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl"))"
Change <.../icv.ss5/...> to <.../icv.ixl/...>