Planning and self-reporting of vacation

(Added 2013-04-19, updated 2016-05-26.)

You have, according to the vacation law, the right to get your vacation as a consecutive four week vacation during June- August (primary vacation).

If you have the right to more than 20 vacation days, in association to a calendar year, you can save the excess days for future use. Example: If you have 31 days in total, you can save a maximum of 31-20 = 11 days for next year.

  • Chalmers - You are not allowed to save more than 35 days. (Was 40 days until 2014).
  • GU – You are not allowed to save more than 35 days.

According to the vacation law all acquired vacation should be time off.

Please report your vacation (formally: apply for vacation) in Primula (Chalmers) or Palasso (GU).

It is important to point out that our insurance for occupational injury is not valid if you are injured during vacation. You need to re-activate the insurance, if your vacation is interrupted. It can be done by sending an e-mail to your manager for approval.

Sofie Jansson & Anna Skanse Bråse, Human Resources D&IT



  • Q: I work only 25% (or XX%)- do I really have vacation days then?
  • A: Yes, you have the same *number* of days as other employees, but the vacation days are only at 25% (XX%).
  • Q: My PhD position is ending in a month and I have 13 days left, what should I do?
  • A: Apply for 13 days of vacation ASAP! When the position ends, your vacation days should be used up.
  • Q: I forgot to apply for vacation, can I do it retroactively?
  • A: Often it is possible (within the same calendar year and if no timesheets have been handed in yet for that period). But do remember to apply earlier next time!
  • Q: How many vacation days do I have per full year?
  • A: 28, 31 or 35 - it depends on your age: "25 § Semesterns längd. En arbetstagare har rätt till semester enligt följande: 28 dagar t o m det år arbetstagaren fyller 29 år; 31 dagar fr o m det år arbetstagaren fyller 30 år; 35 dagar fr o m det år arbetstagaren fyller 40 år."