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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST division meeting 2013-08-19


  • VP 2014: planning of education, research, etc. for 2014 (and onwards)
  • Demo of Liquid Feedback by JPB
  • Publications and visibility:
    • should we publish links to Google Scholar Citations? (An internal list is available on the wiki Researchers.)

Some notes:

  • Just in time for the meeting the wiki (and many other Chalmers sites) were down so the agenda was a "free interpretation" of what is here.
  • Newcomers' party! Laura reminded us about the idea of a newcomers' party. She will pull at the organization with the help of other newcomers, Patrik and Jonna. Probably sometime in september.
  • Wolfgang reminded us of the need to plan ahead to make sure can have a Winter Meeting this winter (as we've had most years, but not 2012/2013).
  • About the division leadership structure:
    • Patrik: should I send questions to one person per informal group (FM, FP, ProSec, Teach)?
    • Wolfgang: representatives or contacts sounds good but please do not call it "group leader". Agreed.
    • Mary: one representative from FP seems to little to cover (half the division). Agreed.
    • Gerardo: using Liquid Feedback seems like overkill - yet another system to administer and keep track of. JPB: You can always "delegate" every decision to Patrik.
    • ...
  • Google Scholar Citations: most are in favour of publishing the list but more importantly to use Google Scholar Citations profile pages for visibility. Patrik: please use the keyword "Software Technology" in your profile to make the division visible as well.


  • Welcome Cezar Ionescu, new PostDoc from 2013-08-01 in the FP group, room 6483, phone x1089
    • Theme: Increasingly correct scientific computing
    • Will be busy teaching Java for beginners at Lindholmen for the next two months (study period 1)
    • Uses Functional Programming and type theory for modelling (Haskell, Agda, Idris)
  • Conference org.
    • Laura would like to bid for organizing CADE (the main conference in automated deduction) at Chalmers, in 2015.
    • In 2012 we decided to org. ICFP 2014 with BvS as local organizer (and others as helpers)
  • Who will attend the EU research funding conference ICT 2013?
  • CSE dept. welcome event for MSc students: posters wanted
    • four in total requested, at least one each from FM (Moa?), FP (Josef?), ProSec (Daniel Hedin).
  • Input wanted on the leadership structure within the ST division
    • We currently have more than 40 employees which generates a bit too much work to be handled by me (Patrik) alone. There is also the question of "förankring" which is difficult to do with 40+ individuals directly. Thus it would be good to have some form of division steering group with representatives from at least FP, FM and ProSec.
    • Upcoming issues:
      • Plan for 2014 onwards (both research and education)
      • Budget for 2014
      • Recruitment and promotions
      • Appraisal discussions
    • Ideas welcome (one is Liquid Feedback)
  • Chalmers contact wanted for the Swedish "Programmerings SM" (part of the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest).
    • NCPC 2013 på Chalmers (Saturday October 5th 11-16 CEST).
    • Request from Fredrik Heintz <fredrik.heintz snabel-a>.
    • Student contact 2013 at Chalmers is Max Witt (digIT 13).
    • (It looks like Spotify's "Street team" will arrange NCPC.)
    • Sad from an FP perspective: "write a program in C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Object-C or Python" ... "NO other compilers or interpreters for programming languages". May change for 2014.
  • Chalmers has a new central decision about the process for evaluating the progress of assistant professors: FoAssUtv
    • Very general formulations - we will soon discuss (in the departmental steering group) what it means more concretely for us.
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