CE "biweekly" "meeting"

June 29, 2012


  • Arne Linde, Ole Ravnsborg, and Lennart Hansson join Computer Engineering (see below)
  • Guest PhD student Simone Corbetta (Politecnico Milano) this fall (with Per S)
  • Alexandra Angerd (MS student) works on DigoDat equipment during summer
- Room 4222, between course labs
  • Per Zaring leaves CSE
  • SE must recruit again since Helena and Carl Magnus will leave for Malmö
- Will post ad for "two or more positions" ("or more" needed for flexibility at GU)


  • Debate on longer academic year flared up quickly and then seemed to subside; available here if you wish to know the current status
  • A new process has been defined to redefine a course or launch a new course; available here
- Especially note the deadlines, which now conform to the budget processes at both Chalmers and GU, which has been a major headache previously

Research and proposals

  • Andreij got an ERC Starting Grant! Way to go!
  • ...and Thierry's ERC grant will be subject to a random audit...

CSE issues

  • Tech support disappears as separate division
- Arne, Ole, and Lennart join CE; Peter Helander joins Admin group; Sakib joins NS
  • Musical chairs at Johanneberg this week: administration moves closer together to free up space elsewhere (such as on 4th)
- All economy staff now share an office on 6th (Thierry's old office)
- Administrative assistants also move to 6th, including Tiina
- Jan Jonsson and Axel Persson also move to 6th
- Åsa Samdell moves to 4th to be closer to the Student Admin group
- ...there is more, but I believe these are of most direct relevance to CE faculty and staff...
- Everybody is supposed to keep their old phone extensions
  • Clarification of policy for teaching equipment purchases:
- if equipment will require long-term maintenance, or
- if savings could be realized with coordination, then
- discussion in ILG, otherwise
- decision and costs at division level, or
- vice prefect GRU if expensive
  • Madhavan will replace Alen in the CSE web group

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Change after summer: travel expense claims will expire after 3 months
- Yet unknown when change is to take effect
- Submit any old stuff ASAP to be on the safe side
  • Exception from Chalmers AK handling of FoAss (junior faculty) positions to expire after summer
- Back to the old procedure
  • Salary revision slated for this fall might be postponed
- Unions would presumably agree if the price is right, that is, for some compensation to employees


  • Have a nice summer!