Work environment at the CSE department

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Systematic work environment management / Systematisk ArbetsMiljöarbete (SAM)

The CSE department has a joint working group on Sustainability, Work Environment, and Equality (SWEET [1]). We maintain a web page with information about the work environment [2], including links to the Chalmers and UGOT work environment policy, our yearly cycle of meetings and activities, the CARE course, the Dom2Aff workshops, etc.

Each manager is responsible for the work environment of his or her employees, but each employee is also expected to follow rules & guidelines and to report problems so that we can catch problems early.

The overall national rules (for all work places) for SAM are available in English [3], and we are striving to make our local rules (for the CSE dept.) available in English as well (contributions are welcome).

Work environment policy

The CSE department is joint between Chalmers and University of Gothenburg (UGOT).

Yearly cycle for SAM (årshjul):

  • 2018-02: SWEET-group Feb-meeting (FP, FM, iSec)
  • 2018-03: Yearly follow-up (UGOT + Chalmers)
  • 2018-04: Physical work environment check [fysisk skyddsrond] (Johanneberg + Lindholmen)
  • 2018-05: SWEET-group May-meeting (CE, NS)
  • 2018-06: Employee survey
  • 2018-09: SWEET-group Sep-meeting (IxD, SE)
  • 2018-10: Psychological and social work env. check [psykosocial skyddsrond] (ILG meeting based on the employee survey results)
  • 2018-11: VP: yearvly activity planning deadline
  • 2018-12: SWEET-group Dec-meeting (CS, DS, VS)

Other planned activities

  • CARE-projektet fortsätter (3 grupper nu, 2 grupper senare i vår)
  • Dom2Aff: Från härskartekniker till bekräftartekniker - obligatoriskt deltagande (3h workshop)
  • CSE department day (2018-04-12)
  • Gender Excellence Initiative [väntar på besked från Chalmers + stiftelsen]

Work environment check (arbetsmiljöronder) CSE 2018

Physical work environment (fysisk arbetsmiljö): April 2018

  • Step 0: Scheduling
  • Step 1: Line managers and programme directors prepare
    • Go through the rooms used by the employees / students of your division / unit / programme
    • Document and prioritise what to bring up at the work environment check
  • Step 2: Physical work environment check (fysiska arbetsmiljöronder)
    • 2018-04-23:
      • 9-12: Johanneberg
      • 9.00: plan 4, including lab rooms + monaden
      • 10.00: plan 5,
      • 10.45: plan 6,
      • 11.30: lunch room, closing meeting
      • 12.00: Done
    • 2018-04-25: 9-12: Lindholmen (Detailed schedule TBD)
      • We start in the meeting room straight ahead on the 5th floor in Jupiter for an introduction and walk-through of the plan for the check [dagens rond]
      • We go through one floor at a time and note possible deviations in the common spaces, our own teaching rooms and a sample of offices (based on input from the division heads)
      • We finish in the lunchroom on the 4th floorVi avslutar i lunchrummet på plan 4.

Psychosocial and organisational environment (psykosocial arbetsmiljö): Sept/Okt 2018

Details TBD.


Workshops on "From domination to affirmation techniques"

During 2017 all employees at the CSE should take part in a 3h workshop on domination and affirmation techniques (härskartekniker och bekräftartekniker).

More details are available here: Dom2Aff.

2017-05-11: Arbetsmiljörond CSE Johanneberg 2017

startar vid Roger Johanssons rum på plan 4
  • Patrik Jansson
  • Michael Morin (ersättare för Roger Johansson som fått förhinder)
  • Ulf Svensson
  • Marianne Pleen-Schreiber

2017-05-17: Arbetsmiljörond CSE Lindholmen 2017

startar i "Akvariet" på fjärde våningen rakt fram från entrén sett.
  • Patrik Jansson
  • Michael Morin
  • Jonas Karlén
  • Ann Tornberg
  • Imed
  • (kunde inte komma: studentrep. från IT-sektionen inom Göta studentkår)