Computer Science for Engineers

This site collects Computer Science education resources for Engineers who's main field of study in not Computer Science.

Project goal:

  • identify suitable education resources for MSc level students outside "core-CSE" but still interested in broadening or deepening their Computer Science competence
  • sketch syllabi for new courses or parts of courses to complement what is already available
  • (possibly) suggest changes in the current curriculum to make it easier to enter into the CSE field from outside

Report 2009-11-21


  • The "core CSE" programmes include
    • "IT" (Software Engineering)
    • "D" (Computer Science and Engineering)
    • The CSE MSc programmes: MPIDE (ID = Interaction Design), MPSEN (SET = Software Engineering and Technology), MPALG (CSALL = Computer Science: Algorithms, Languages and Logic), MPDCS (SDCS = Secure and Dependable Computer Systems), MPNET (NDS = Networks and Distributed Systems), MPIES (IESD = Integrated Electronic System Design)
  • Some "near CSE" programmes are
    • "E" (Electrical Engineering)
    • "Z" (Automation and Mechatronics)
    • "I" (Industrial Engineering and Management)
    • A number of MSc programmes (TODO: fill in)
  • The other programmes
    • 5y: TM, F, Kf, K, Bt, M, TD, V, At, A
    • Many MSc programmes


This project is led by Patrik Jansson, autumn 2009.