The CTFP10 course is based on the lecture notes, which are published on the Haskell wiki. There are several good books that may serve as reference or inspiration - among the more technical, we can recommend

  • Awodey: Category Theory
    • Somewhat pricey, but a very good heir to the throne possessed by Mac Lane's book.
  • Mac Lane: Categories for the Working Mathematician
    • Somewhat aged by now, but still a good exposition of the basics.
  • Lawvere and Schanuel: Conceptual Mathematics
    • Written for an advanced High School level audience, but very didactical in presentation.

In addition to these, a sequence of web-based sources are presented as we go along: blog posts, wiki pages, papers et.c. with good expositions and perspectives on the subjects discussed. Participants are expected to contribute to and develop this collection.