(One of the Course Clusters.)

  • DStr = Datastructures (and BSc algorithms)
    • DStr Chair: NAD@CS, Co-chair: ErHo@CS, NiSm, UnHo, AnAb@CS, ...
    • DStr: Datastrukturer (DV) (@ST)
    • DStr: Datastrukturer (D) (@CS)
    • DStr: Algoritmer och datastrukturer (d, I) (@ST)
    • DStr: Logic, algorithms and datastructures (@CS)
    • DStr: Datastructures and algorithms (IT) (@CS)

Cluster meeting 2014-04-11

Present: Nils Anders, Erland, Andreas, Nick.

  • Propose substitute teacher for each course
    We don't quite know/remember what it means to be a substitute teacher. The following persons are potential candidates for taking over one of this cluster's courses on short notice:
    • The cluster members, as well as Peter Dybjer.
  • Curriculum planning and revision: The teaching team is jointly responsible for the course cluster as a whole. It is in particular responsible for
    • the internal coherence of the cluster (avoiding too much overlap and unintended gaps)
      One could eventually merge the DV and D courses.
    • the interface with other course clusters
      This seems to be the wrong forum for this question.
  • Is this cluster "the right grouping"?
  • Prerequisites and placement of courses into study periods.
    Placement: Wrong forum.
    Prerequisites: Wrong forum? It would be nice if one could count on the students actually mastering the prerequisites.
  • Name of courses in the cluster
    The names "Algoritmer och datastrukturer" and "Datastructures and algorithms" could be confusing to students (and others): How do these courses relate to courses named simply "Algoritmer" or "Datastrukturer"? Perhaps these two courses should be named "Datastrukturer"/"Data structures".