Two-phase evaluation

Background: course evaluation for large student groups (>100 students) with diverse background

Problem: a classical course evaluation questionnaire with multiple choice questions is easy to fill in and summarize, gives rather high answer rates, but hard to get useful information out of. The other extreme is handing out a blank sheet and asking "What was the course like?" where the answers contain lots of information, but the aswer rate is usually very low and it is hard to judge if the views expressed are shared by the majority.

Solution(?): I have had good experience from a two-phase evaluation strategy which combines verbose feedback from a few with brief confirmation/refutal by a majority. I have asked the "open form" question first, and then used (some of) the answers as question in the "closed form" multiple choice questionnaire. In this way I combine the strengths of the two methods with a rather limited amount of extra work.

Name: Patrik Jansson, CID: patrikj

Ref: Attach:kursutv.pdf