Develop the SEM program

Jan 2015
(20% för Imed)
Imed Hammouda

[Info from Imed, 20 August 2015]

In terms of budget, I am spending 1 day per week on this task. The setting will continue for the rest of 2015.

Status by Aug 2015: New program structure ready + draft course plans developed

Prognisis for Dec 2015: All course plans are finalized + new degree & program descriptions ready + innovation space built

[Information from Imed Hammouda, February 2015]

what is the purpose of the project?

The purpose of this project is to develop the SEM B.Sc. programme based on experience collected over the past years. There are indicators that the curriculum and the setting need to be fixed with regard to a few issues. Both student and teacher feedback will be taken into consideration.

The SE&M programme structure is rather old and not adjusted to the current staffing (e.g., wrt. expertise). Lars Pareto initiated a v3 of the program but did (to my understanding) not get far (and most of his ideas were lost with him, unfortunately).

Updates August 2015: During the interview part with students, it emerged that there is a need for establishing an innovation space to students helping them realizing their ideas - ranging from simple individual learning possibilities (i.e. hacking and exploring recent technology) up to getting guidance towards start-up initiatives. This innovation space idea is taken into consideration when developing the programme.

The latest plan is to develop the programme during 2015/2016 and get it implemented during the academic year 2017/2018.

how much work have you done?

So far the following has been done:

  • Building an understanding of the current structure and setting.
  • Interviewing students
  • Interviewing teachers

Updates August 2015:

  • New structure ready
  • Draft course plans developed
  • An innovation space is being developed as part of the new SEM programme. A founding committee of 2 faculty + 2 SEM students has been established
  • A study trip to Stanford and the Silicon Valley area to learn about innovation models

how much work is left?

The plan is to continue with the interviews, distill the findings into a new structure/setting, and then invite all stakeholders to a workshop to finalize the proposal. Curriculum and course plans will then be updated accordingly. A plan for transitioning from the old structure to the one needs to be defined.

Updates August 2015:

  • All course plans are finalized
  • New degree & programme description documents are developed
  • New programme will be presented to the faculty board
  • An innovation space is set

when do you estimate the project will be finished?

  • Jan/Feb were used to learn the details of the current structure. A few interviews were also carried out.
  • March/April will be used to interview students and staff.
  • May will be used to prepare a draft proposal and to make a final suggestion.
  • June/... will be used to update course plans and to prepare a transition plan.

Updates August 2015:

  • All course plans are finalized during September 2015
  • New degree & programme description documents are developed during October/November 2015
  • The Innovation space (both physical and concept) is developed in Fall 2015