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Introduction plan for new PhD students at Software Technology

The intro plan is under construction - you can also look at the generic IntroNewEmployee.

A PhD student at the ST division normally has a "dual status" as both


  • Examiner
  • Main supervisor
  • Co-supervisor(s)
  • Informal "mentor" (fadder) - normally a PhD student after lic. (inform about mailing lists, "PhD fika", etc.)
  • Directors of Postgraduate studies (for the CSE research school): Christian Berger and Agneta Nilsson
  • CSE research school administration: Eva (PhD courses, lic. degree, PhD degree, ...)
  • Head of division (Patrik)
  • Div. secretary (Tiina)
  • HR-specialist (Sofie)
  • Head of Administration (Sanna)
  • Office, furniture, phone (Marianne)

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