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Introduction plan for new employees at Software Technology

(Based on the departmental intro plan. See also IntroNewPhDStudent.)

See also the central information "New at Chalmers".

Line manager (see Employees)

  • Make an introduction plan (day 1, week 1, week 2)
  • Assign a "mentor" (fadder). Some of the below may be delegated to the "mentor"
  • Go through the plan with the new employee
  • Present to colleagues and support staff
  • Inform other co-workers (through div. meeting and Weekly News)
  • Go through the employement description + associated documents
  • "How is it going?" - introduction follow-up after around 2 weeks

Mentor (TBD)

  • set up an arrival time an place
  • present you to colleagues and support staff
  • show you around the premises (offices, lunch room, mail room, meeting rooms)
  • arrange a common lunch with colleagues and show possible lunch places
  • transportation options (public transport, parking)

Div. secretary (Lotta):

  • set up computer account (register room and phone number in PDB)
  • hand over key, key-card, information package
  • Paperwork: "Next-of-kin" form, bank form for salary transfer
  • Present routines for travel-booking, business travel approval, travel claims
  • informs about booking of meeting- and teaching-rooms
  • show "Who to ask" on the departmental homepage

HR-specialist (Sofie):

  • employment contract
  • regulations, organisation, ...

Head of Administration (Sanna Erling Glyssbo):

  • security briefing

Office, furniture, phone (Marianne)