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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-01-17: During the ST Winter Meeting 2014 at Varbergs Kurort


  • Long term planning
    • Positions:
      • The prel. plan is to announce two faculty positions at the Associate Professor level during 2015 with starting date early 2016.
    • Research funding:
      • We have been very successful in acquiring grants the last few years, but keeping this up will be a challenge. How should we structure our work to continue our winning streak?
    • Organisation and leadership:
      • The recommended division size is 10-30. The ST division is currently at 50 which indicates that a split in two (or more) groups would get us to within that range. What would be a reasonable basis for a regrouping?
    • Education:
      • What are the most important curriculum development needs in the Software Technology area and how can we make sure they are fulfilled?
    • PhD education:
      • Should we have a set of recurring PhD level courses in the ST area? Structure forms for international exchange?
    • Technology transfer:
      • How do we interact with companies (big, small) and the general public?
      • Where do our students, and employees end up? How do we keep in touch with our alumni?

For this session we will discuss in four working groups:

  • Faculty: employees with permanent positions (AlRu, AnSa, DaSa, GeSc, JaSk, JoNo, LaKo, MaSh, PaJa, WoAh)
  • "Junior faculty": PhD degree but no permanent position (DanHed, EmiAxe, JoeSve, JosSve, MenWan, MoaJoh, NicSma, NikBro, RamEna)
  • PhD2: two or more years of PhD studies (AndPer, BarDel, FilTed, JonDur, LucBel, MicPał, NikFro, WilRaf)
  • PhD1: less than two years of PhD studies (AntEkb, DanHau, DanRos, DanSch, EvgKot, HamEba, InaLis, JohCam, MauChi, RaJim)

Guests can skip this session or take part in the fitting group.