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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-03-21: 11.00-12.00 in EDIT-8103


  • VR applications: we all need to help each other to maximise our chances of getting funded!
    • Frame applications
    • Junior grant applications (PhD degree in 2007-2011)
    • Regular project applications


  • Congratulations to Alejandro Russo for his promotion to Associate Professor (2014-01-01)!
  • Status of "PAID" meetings (medarbetarsamtal) for PhD students: 14 meetings done
  • Salary setting process: All division heads have now (2014-03-14) sent proposed new salaries "upwards" for central negotiation.
  • Mary Sheeran is the host of Li-yao Xia who is a visiting student from ENS Paris (Marc Pouzet) from mid March to mid June.