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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-06-13: 11.00-12.00 in EDIT-8103 (2nd week because 3rd week is Midsummers Eve)


  • Planning for 2015 onwards
    • Currently we have a bit (maybe 50%) more "potential teaching capacity" than teaching income, but by 2016-05-01 positions adding up to between 120% and 280% "full time teaching equivalent" will have come to an end while teaching income is expected to be stable (or increase).
    • Thus the faculty needs to grow or we need to teach more per person.
    • Prel. plan is to hire two Assoc. Prof. by early 2016.
    • TODO: discuss the prel. plan.
    • TODO: Representatives wanted for a working group preparing this recruitment
  • Course evaluation overview:
    • a summary of overall evaluation results from ST division courses covering 25 courses shows the following distribution of "overall student satisfaction":
      • 2.76-2.96: 4 courses: the department requires a follow-up meeting and a plan to improve
      • 3.06-3.48: 8 courses: OK but still below Chalmers target (3.5)
      • 3.64-4.00: 6 courses: really good result
      • 4.07-4.74: 7 courses: excellent result!
    • The four "lowest" courses are all OOP courses - we need to work hard on improving these results.
    • TODO: set up a meeting for the Prog2 cluster
    • Often the "reply rates" for the underlying questionnaires is low (5 courses have <20% replies, 7 highest are 40%-51%) so the average may deviate quite a bit from the "true" population average.
    • TODO: Discuss ideas for Quality Funding applications by 2014-09-10.

In both cases more information is available in the ST division git repository.


  • Congratulations!
  • Chalmers-wide changes: Material for the "prefektmöte" 2014-06-12
    • New base-funding model proposed - comments from the departments wanted after the summer. Important
    • Proposed simplifications of the budget process (mainly a move to more static education budget by making both HST and HPR guess static for the departments)
  • New proposal for research oriented special courses
  • Vacation planning:
    • Make sure to plan and apply for vacation in the admin. system by midsummer (2014-06-20).
    • See Vacation for more details.
  • Utlysning: KAW Projekt 2015
    • The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (KAW) adopted a new policy in 2010 stating that the universities must prioritize all funding applications to the foundation, i.e., a letter of support from the president is requested. The most important call from KAW is the “Research Projects with high scientific potential” call within natural sciences, medicine and technology. Chalmers’ internal process to select applications begins now.
    • Applicants: The demands on applications for KAW Projects are very high. Projects should be investigator-initiated and of the highest international standard. The applications should have elements of basic science and must focus on a coherent research question. High-priority projects include new research areas and research that is interdisciplinary in nature. Project allocations must not primarily constitute auxiliary funding for current operations or other projects in progress. There are no limits on the number of research groups or the localization of research groups in terms of organization or geography.
    • Budget: Normal budget for KAW Projects is 15-75 MSEK over 3-5 years.
    • Chalmers’ process: All applications filed from Chalmers must be prioritized by the President. To avoid unnecessary work, the selection will be based on short synopses. Prioritized projects will be given further support when writing the full application to optimize the chance for success at KAW.
    • The detailed information in the appendices is all in Swedish. Please contact anders DOT friberg AT chalmers DOT se if you have further questions.
    • Important dates:
      • 2014-07-04: Letter of interest
      • 2014-08-29: Deadline synopsis
      • 2014-10-10: Preliminary date for decision on prioritization
      • 2014-10-17: Mandatory start meeting
      • 2014-10-21: First draft finished
      • 2014-12: Review and hearing
      • 2015-02-01: Deadline to KAW