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ST division meeting 2015-02

(at the ST Winter Meeting 2015)

Group work around the following questions

  • Junior PhD group
    • PhD courses
    • Compare teaching obligations
    • Ideas for pedagogical improvements
  • Senior PhD group
    • PhD courses
    • Compare teaching obligations
    • Ideas for pedagogical improvements
    • Life after PhD; career planning
  • Junior Faculty group
    • Open Source Software and Open Access (technology transfer and dissemination)
    • Career planning (including grant applications)
    • Ideas for pedagogical improvements
    • Opinions about dept. / div. / group organization
  • Senior Faculty group
    • Dept. / Div. / Group. organization
    • Ideas for pedagogical improvements
    • Funding (including grant application)


  • Organisation and leadership:
    • The recommended division size is 10-30. The ST division is currently at 51 (and growing) which indicates that a split in two (or more) groups would get us to within that range. What would be a reasonable basis for a regrouping?
  • Education:
    • What are the most important curriculum development needs in the Software Technology area and how can we make sure they are fulfilled?
  • Positions:
    • The plan is to announce two faculty positions early 2015 with starting date 2015-08-15. (Pending approval from Chalmers centrally.)
  • Research funding:
    • We have been very successful in acquiring grants the last few years, but keeping this up will be a challenge. How should we structure our work to continue our winning streak?
  • PhD education:
    • Should we have a set of recurring PhD level courses in the ST area? Structured forms for international exchange?
  • Software technology -> the world (technology transfer)
    • How to "support" open source software development
    • Open access publications
    • Industry contacts

For this session we will discuss in four working groups: group chair in bold

  • Junior PhD students: (started after summer 2013, including "not yet";-)
    • Present: DanSch, EvgKot, InaLis, IrLoVa, JohCam, MarAro, MauChi, SimRob
    • Away: DanHau, SimPfr
  • Senior PhD students: (started before summer 2013)
    • Present: AntEkb, BarvDe, DanRos, HamEba, JonDur, LucBel, NikFro, PabBui, RauPar
    • Away: AnnLil, AndPer
  • Junior faculty: PhD degree but no permanent position:
    • Present: AtvdPl, CezIon, EmiAxe, MagMyr, MoaJoh, MusBal, NikBro?, RamEna
    • Away: AleGer, JPhBer, JosSve, MicPał, NicSma, PhuPhu, TobGed
  • Senior faculty:
    • Present: From ST: DaSa, GeSc, JoNo, LaKo, MaSh, PaJa, WoAh. Guests: AaRa, AnAb, AnBo, BjvS, JoAm.
    • Away: AlRu, AnSa, ChCa, JaSk, JvHa, JoHu, KoCl, UnHo

Guests can skip this session or take part in the fitting group.

Some material to discuss for the senior + junior faculty groups

Candidates wanted from ST:

  • Equal opportunities representative (jämställdshetombud) for the CSE dept. (HoD will appoint one for CSE, 5% "kontering").
  • Director of studies for the CSE PhD school (VPref.Fo will appoint at least one)
  • Group leader (or head of division) of X (where X could be FP, FM, ProSec, other possible groups)

Overview of "nearby roles" with start and end dates

DHoD2014-05-012015-03-31?%Peter LundinNS.CSE
VPref.Fo2014-??-??2015-03-31?%Jan JonssonCE.CSE
DoS.Fo201?-??-??2015-03-3120%Gerardo SchneiderST.CSE
ASR@CS-ST2015-01-012015-12-3110%Joachim von HachtST.CSE
HoDi@ST2013-03-012015-12-3130%Patrik JanssonST.CSEAt least one more wanted by the summer
VSOL.IKT20??-??-??2015-12-3120%Dave SandsST.CSE
PA@IT2014-01-012016-12-3130%Wolfgang AhrendtST.CSE
PA@D2013-03-0120??-??-??30%Roger JohanssonCE.CSE
PA@DV201?-??-??20??-??-???%Ana BoveCS.CSE
PA@d201?-??-??201?-??-???%Arne LindeCE.CSE
VPref.Gru2015-01-012017-12-3140%Peter LjunglöfCS.CSE50% first year
SR@CS-ST2015-01-012017-12-3125%Ana BoveCS.CSE
MPA.CS-ALL2015-01-012017-12-3120%Moa JohanssonST.CSE
PD.CS@GU2015-01-012017-12-31?%Graham KempCS.CSE
HoD2015-04-0120??-??-???%Johan KarlssonCE.CSE

Estimated proportion of different roles at the ST division in the long run

0.2HoDHead of department
0.2DHoDDeputy Head of Department
0.2VPref.FoVice head of department for graduate education
0.2VPref.GruVice head of department for BSc+MSc education
1-3HoDi@STHead of the division of Software Technology
1DoS.FoDirector of Studies for the CSE PhD school
1SR@CS-STDirector of Studies for BSc+MSc education at the CS+ST divisions
0.5ASR@CS-STAssisting Director of studies for BSc+MSc education at the CS+ST divisions
0.1VSOL.IKTVice Director Area of Advance ICT
0.2PA@ITDirector of Programme: Software Engineering (IT)
0.2PA@DDirector of Programme: Computer Science and Engineering (D)
0.4PA@DVDirector of Programme: Computer Science (DV@GU)
0.2PA@dBScEng in Computer Engineering
0.4MPA.CS-ALLDirector of Master's Programme Computer Science - Algorithms, Languages and Logic
0.4MPA.CS@GUProgramme Director of Computer Science, 120hec, at GU
6-8TotalST Division "share"

Currently (2015-02-01) we have 6 of these roles at ST: GeSc, JvHa, PaJa, DaSa, WoAh, MoJo and we can assume we will need to cover 6-8 roles also on long term. The usual term is 3y+3y but some things change more often so perhaps 8/4y = 2 new roles per year is a good estimate.

If we spread these roles evenly over the ~15 ST employees with long enough contracts to pick from we get almost half a role each. Or in other words, over an 7.5y period you should expect to "serve" for around three years.