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ST 2015-03-13: Friday at 09.00 in the EDIT-room

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

Junior Faculty group chairs the meeting (MaMy + JoSv).


  • Newcomers and visitor say hi
  • A few quick announcements about information that can be found below
  • A brief report about the ST faculty re-org. discussion that takes/took place on 2015-03-12.
  • Three permanent positions announced (links below).
    • What is the plan / expected time line?
    • How does the process work? The deadline is 2015-04-06 for applications, but what happens after that?
  • Will we fit into the current premises?
  • Funding applications.
  • PhD courses.
    • Cesar and Magnus happy to give courses.
    • How to organise them? Masters students too?
    • A list of all PhD courses
  • Group websites and posters
    • The FM group has no website.
    • From the FM meeting: how do other groups organise websites/posters?
    • Hamid contacted in order to change his Chalmers profile.
    • Hamid has access to the system and can advice on whom to contact to get permissions and how to make changes.
    • The ST division has a similar page