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ST 2015-04-24: Friday at 09.00 in EDIT-8103

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

Teach-group chairs the meeting.


  • Dave Sands recently turned 50 so we start the meeting with cake!
  • Discussion points from a full time teachers view:
    • Organization of undergraduate courses/teaching
      • Many involved: PA, VP, Ana, as a full time teacher it's often hard to get an overview. What's going on?Organizational changes?
    • Employability
      • After 3 years the students should be employable. The progress in the area is very high. Also affects introductory courses. What do we mean by employable? How to handle?
  • Short status report by Patrik (see also more information below)
    • ST positions
    • ST reorganization


Under this heading I (PaJa) have collected some of the "news" during the last month. Please read and ask if you've got questions.

  • Recruitment of new teachers/researchers
    • 2015-04-06: Deadline for applications: we received 30 AssocProf applications and 24 Lecturer applications from a total of 45 individuals
    • 2015-04/05: Review by external experts
    • 2015-06-??: Interviews
  • ST-reorganisation
    • We are moving forward with the plan to formalise the three groups (FP, FM, ProSec) within ST from 2015-07-01
    • Delegation documents and other formalities are being drafted (by Sanna and Birgitta)
    • In the long-term (2017-01-01?) the CSE department will probably spawn off a few new divisions but that process has only just started.
  • IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize
    • Nomination deadline: 2015-05-12
  • Visit by Gordon Pace 2015-05-06/12
    • Host: Gerardo
  • Välkommen till inspirationsseminarium med Dialogcafé om Arbetslivssamverkan!
    • "Den 2 juni 13.15-16.00 har du möjlighet att bl a lyssna på och möta ett antal lärarkollegor med sina respektive externa parter i ett Dialogcafé. De har goda exempel att beskriva och du kan ställa frågor till dem om hur de gör och förhoppningsvis ge dig inspiration och tips om hur du kan komma igång eller vidareutveckla dina tankar kring arbetslivssamverkan i kurs och/eller program."
    • Anmälan senast torsdag 7 maj:
    • The seminar will be held in Swedish.
  • Högskolepedagogisk konferens i Göteborg (HKG 2015)
    • "The Gothenburg Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (HKG 2015) takes place on 22 October 2015. The conference invites teachers and teaching staff to discussions, exchange of experiences, and inspiration. The conference will address questions about pedagogical development with students' learning in focus. The conference language will be Swedish. However, some presentations will be held in English."

I picked the meeting time to avoid clashes with the courses in SP4.