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ST 2016-06 division meeting

Theme: the ST part of the CSE dept. reorganisation 2017-01-01.

Short: The current interim structure (from 2015-07-01) ends 2016-12-31 and we need to discuss what to do after that.


let beta = keep the current structure

let gamma = three new divisions based on the current informal groups FP, FM and ProSec. No formal ST level left (but ST could still be used for information).

The decision between beta and gamma has to be taken at the department level but the details have to be considered carefully. There are several parts of such a decision: which divisions to have, who should lead them, who should be in which division, how to handle the economy, etc.

For reference, here is roughly the responsibility for head of division:

  • personalansvar (PAID discussions, welcome new staff, personell development, work environment, vacation, ...)
  • verksamhetsansvar (Planning and strategy: research, education, innovation. Follow-up the activity (projects and courses).)
  • ekonomiansvar (Budget, follow-up, travel bills, invoices, ...)

For reference: the core of Johan Karlsson's proposal from 2016-06-08 is the following:

  The division of software technology is divided into three new divisions:

  ● Avdelningen för formella metoder (Division of Formal Methods)
  ● Avdelningen för funktionell programmering (Division of Functional Programming)
  ● Avdelningen för språkbaserad datasäkerhet (Division of Language-based Security)

  The names of the new divisions mentioned above are tentative, the final names will be decided in the beginning of the autumn.