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ST division "internal" reorganization 2015

This page describes the ongoing (spring 2015) process to re-organize the ST division into a few groups with "groups managers".


The re-organization has been discussed

  • ST2014-01: Very preliminary discussion at the Long Term Planning session of the winter meeting
  • ST2014-12: first more concrete discussion: 2-5 subgroups wanted, delegation of budget, PAID meetings, etc. to "group managers". Call for "group managers".
  • ST2015-02: Winter meeting discussion about different possible options and consequences of re-reorg.
  • 2015-03-12: ST seniors + AssProf meeting: first concrete draft (se below)
  • 2015-03-27: PaJa meets JoKa (new head of dept.) + Sanna (Head of Admin.) + Birgitta (Head of finances)
    • Formal "go ahead" for the process - decision expected in May and new ST org. from 2015-07-01.
  • 2015-04: Discussion in "lokal samverkan"
  • 2015-06: Sanna, Birgitta and Sofie propose delegation documents
  • 2015-07-01: New organization in place.

Final structure (version 2015-06-26 - called "beta")

Personnel groups from 2015-07-01:

  • Senior faculty: PaJa is head of the permanent staff.
  • Junior faculty: DaSa is head of those with a PhD position but a temporary contract
  • PhD students and others (amanuens)
    • GeSc: head of one half
    • KoCl: head of the other half
  • There are some exceptions, but the complete list will be sent out to the division to make it clear for everybody who their closest manager is.

Earlier draft structure (version 2015-03-12 - called "alpha")

Note that this was not decided - we went for "beta" instead. Included here for reference.

Core-ST(PaJa): head of division with direct reporting from all professors (GeSc, DaSa, AnSa, MaSh, JoHu, KoCl) all full time teachers (JvHa, UnHo, ChCa, JaSk) and all "group managers". This means PaJa would still be the head of (and hold PAID discussions etc.) with these 10.

Three groups (sub-divisions)

  • ProSec (DaSa): around 14
  • FM (GeSc): around 11
  • FP (?): around 22

Responsibility for head of division:

  • personalansvar (PAID discussions, welcome new staff, personell development, work environment, vacation, ...)
  • verksamhetsansvar (Planning and strategy: research, education, innovation. Follow-up the activity (projects and courses).)
  • ekonomiansvar (Budget, follow-up, travel bills, invoices, ...)

I (PaJa) would like to delegate most of this to the research groups heads for the 43 who are not (in this proposal) directly reporting to the head of division. Some is possible formally, some not. Sanna (admin), Birgitta (economy) and Sofie (HR) are helping with the formalities, but I think we can focus on the pragmatics - what can work well for us.

The formal delegation document is still under construction (based on this) but quite a bit of information is collected at Chalmers central "Chefens handbok" and "Leda medarbetare".


  • "group manager" will probably be called "biträdande avdelningschef" or "vice avdelningschef"