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ST 2016-08 division meeting

FYA: Information and discussion about the ST 2017 reorganisation To:

Johan Karlsson has asked me to invite you all to a meeting about the ST 2017 reorganisation. The meeting will take place

  2016-08-24 kl. 13.00

in EA.

If you cannot attend but still want to provide your input on this topic, feel free to contact Johan or Patrik.


  • Background: (update on the ST meeting with JoKa 2016-06-30)
  • Proposal: ST -> {FM, FP, PS}
  • Timeline for the process:
    • 2016-09-11: Deadline for opinions about division assignment
    • 2016-09-14: JoKa: Decision about new divisions and division assignment
    • 2016-09-18: Deadline for nominations for new div. heads
    • (time for interviews, discussions etc.)
    • 2016-10-14: JoKa: Decision about new heads of divisions
  • Q&A session