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Software Technology Winter Meeting 2014 Schedule

The schedule of all the sessions - for printing.

8:00 Bus leaves Chalmers, Copper Dome

9:00 Arrive at Varbergs Kurort and have coffee

9:30 Session 1 (FM), chair: Wolfgang Ahrendt

Formal Methods Session

Chair: Wolfgang

09:30Moa JohanssonTheory Exploration
09:45Evgenii KotelnikovInductive Reasoning in Fist-Order Theories
10:00Mauricio ChimentoUnified Static and Run-time Verification of object-oriented Software
10:15Raúl Pardo JiménezPrivacy in Social Networks

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Session 2 (FP), chair: Mary Sheeran

Chair: Mary

11:00Jeremy Gibbons (Oxford)Folding Domain-Specific Languages: Deep and Shallow Embeddings
11.20David Christiansen (ITU, Copenhagen)Improving Error Messages from Embedded DSLs in Idris
11.35Emil AxelssonAutomata-based manipulation of abstract syntax graphs
11.50Cezar IonescuThe Notion of Proof in Shakespeare's Othello
12.10Jean-Philippe BernardyLinear Logic = Parallel Lambda Calculus

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session 3 (Teaching), chair: Dave Sands

Chair: Dave

Niklas BHow to Construct a Written Exam.
Niklas has been praised by students for his modern and pedagogical style of written examination. So how does it work?
DaveTips for Improving and Boosting the Popularity of your Course: Live programming and Recorded Lectures
PatrikHow would you set up a first course on programming?

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Session 4 (ProSec), chair: Daniel Hedin

Chair: Daniel

15:30Daniel HausknechtGetting Password Meters and Password Generators right
15:40Daniel SchoepeInformation flow in databases for free
15:50Willard RafnssonCompositional Security for Interactive Systems
16:00Bart van DelftParagon Support
16:15Andrei SabelfeldThe End of Privacy or a New Start?
16:25Luciano BelloThe girlfriend injection attack
16:35Steven Van AckerWhy so serious? Fun with security!

17:00 Free time/spa

19:30 Dinner

Friday 17th January

09:00 Session 5 (Mixed), chair: Gerardo Schneider

Chair: Gerardo

09:00Reiner Hähnle(TU Darmstadt)Fully Abstract Method Contracts
09:30Nikita FrolovA formalization of scheduling transformations
10:00Laura KovacsGenPro: Generating and Proving Program Properties via Symbol Elimination
10:10Johan NordlanderDesigning an end-user DSL for network management automation

10:30 GPS treasure hunt

For the GPS treasure hunt, we are divided in the following teams. The person in bold is the team leader.

  1. Meng, Ramona, John, Dave, Moa, Nikita
  2. Patrik, Willard, Nick, Gerardo, Daniel S., Josef
  3. Anders, Emil, Wolfgang, Hamid, Raúl, Daniel H.
  4. Dan, Daniel H., Luciano, Evgeny, Mauricio, Bart
  5. Inari, Filippo, Niklas, Laura, Jan, Jeremy
  6. Jonna, Cezar, Michal, Mary, Joel, Jonas D.
  7. Anton, Steven, Andrei, David, Reiner, Johan, Alejandro

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session 6 (LangTech and FP), chair: Ramona Enache

Chair: Ramona

13:30Nick SmallboneFinding more bugs
13:50Inari ListenmaaExtracting multi-word expressions from parallel text
14:10John J. CamilleriC stands for ...

14:30 Coffee break

14:45 Session 7 (Long-term planning), chair: Patrik Jansson

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-01-17: During the ST Winter Meeting 2014 at Varbergs Kurort


  • Long term planning
    • Positions:
      • The prel. plan is to announce two faculty positions at the Associate Professor level during 2015 with starting date early 2016.
    • Research funding:
      • We have been very successful in acquiring grants the last few years, but keeping this up will be a challenge. How should we structure our work to continue our winning streak?
    • Organisation and leadership:
      • The recommended division size is 10-30. The ST division is currently at 50 which indicates that a split in two (or more) groups would get us to within that range. What would be a reasonable basis for a regrouping?
    • Education:
      • What are the most important curriculum development needs in the Software Technology area and how can we make sure they are fulfilled?
    • PhD education:
      • Should we have a set of recurring PhD level courses in the ST area? Structure forms for international exchange?
    • Technology transfer:
      • How do we interact with companies (big, small) and the general public?
      • Where do our students, and employees end up? How do we keep in touch with our alumni?

For this session we will discuss in four working groups:

  • Faculty: employees with permanent positions (AlRu, AnSa, DaSa, GeSc, JaSk, JoNo, LaKo, MaSh, PaJa, WoAh)
  • "Junior faculty": PhD degree but no permanent position (DanHed, EmiAxe, JoeSve, JosSve, MenWan, MoaJoh, NicSma, NikBro, RamEna)
  • PhD2: two or more years of PhD studies (AndPer, BarDel, FilTed, JonDur, LucBel, MicPał, NikFro, WilRaf)
  • PhD1: less than two years of PhD studies (AntEkb, DanHau, DanRos, DanSch, EvgKot, HamEba, InaLis, JohCam, MauChi, RaúJim)

Guests can skip this session or take part in the fitting group.


16:00 Day ends, we go home