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ST division steering group

PaJa, AnBo, DaSa, GeSc, KoCl

From 2015-07-01 until 2016-12-31 the Software Technology division has an official steering group with the following academic members and roles:

  • Patrik Jansson, head of division, responsible for economy and the Senior Faculty
  • Ana Bove (@CS), director of studies (BSc + MSc education)
  • David Sands, vice head of division, responsible for the Junior Faculty
  • Gerardo Schneider, vice head of division, responsible for half the PhD students
  • Koen Claessen, vice head of division, responsible for half the PhD students

We will often interact with

Meeting during autumn 2016:

  • TBD (prel. every third week)

ST Steering group meetings spring semester 2016:

  • ca 2016-01-20/22
  • ca 2016-02-08
  • ca 2016-02-29
  • ca 2016-03-21
  • ca 2016-04-11
  • ca 2016-05-02
  • ca 2016-05-23
  • ca 2016-06-13

Meetings during autumn 2015: (a trailing "?" indicates the time is not yet decided)

2015-07-03Fridayat 13.15 in EDIT-8103"Kick-off"
2015-08-17Mondayat 14.00 in EDIT-8103Prepare ST2015-08, ILG: Strategic map, Medarbetarenkät, mm
2015-09-02Tuesdayat 10.00 in EDIT-8103Prepare "VP" = planning process (economy, teaching, etc.)
2015-09-18Fridayat 13.00 in EDIT-8103Teaching percentages, PAID-meeting preparation, campus integration
2015-10-02Fridayat 08.30 in EDIT-8103CSE - ST Division VP discussion
2015-10-12Mondayat 14.00 in EDIT-6128Sara har genomgång av förslag på Budget 2016
2015-11-02(3)Mo(Tu)at 14.00 in EDIT-5128Results from PAID meetings, personnel plan. Final VP disc.
2015-11-20Fridayat 14.00 in EDIT-5128Proposed new positions, chairing of upcoming div.meetings, schedule ST steering group meetings, ...
2015-12-14Mondayat 13.00 in EDIT-5128Winter meeting prep., coaching/mentoring, budget 2016 (prognos T0)