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MSc thesis work in the Functional Programming Group

From 2015-01-01 the MSc thesis "project course" at the CSE department is organised in a new form. This page is an attempt at keeping a list of links to relevant researchers and projects which would benefit from students doing MSc theses.

MSc thesis projects can be done in industry or in a research project - this page is mainly aimed at the research project side. Some faculty have extra time set aside specifically for MSc thesis supervision but basically all are interested in supervision if the proposed MSc project is well aligned with the needs of an ongoing reearch project.

(2015-03-16: We are migrating from the old project proposal page.)

People and (bigger) projects

Proposals for MSc thesis topics

MSc thesis projects started (and perhaps also finished)

E. BergquistCeIoPaJaGAMS refactoring2015-02-16: Half-time report done
L. FärnstrandJoSvPaJaParallelization in Rust2015-04-14: Half-time report done
I. Lobo ValnuenaMoJoPaJaConditional lemmas in Hipster2015-03-31: Half-time report done
J. LundqvistMaShPaJaFranca C code generator2015-04-13: Half-time report done

The status can be

  • Project proposal done
  • Planning report done
  • Half-time report done
  • Final presentation done
  • Final report done