(Enter descriptions of the structure, where to (not) create pages, etc.)

  • Q: I want to create a wiki-page and I assume I need a password for this. Could you help me?
  • A: The default password for this wiki is (not shown here) to avoid spam. Some "subdirectories" are protected with other passwords.

The Wiki-pages are organised in "groups" (elsewhere called "subdirectories") so all pages have an address ending in GroupName/PageName. Every group has a main page reached by just GroupName (it is stored under GroupName/GroupName). We have, for example, groups for the divisions (CS, CE, ...) and they are probably all password protected. This wiki does not support nested groups / directories.

The main site-password is (not written here - ask for it if you really need it) - it can be used to set or change passwords on any page or group of pages within the wiki.

  • Q: How do you limit access to a page to only a selected group of users?
  • A: You can password-protect a page X/Y by editing X/Y?action=attr . The wiki does not handle user accounts, so just share the password withing that group (only).
  • Q: How do you add a password for all pages within the same group ("Eduction/" for example).
  • A: Go to the group's attribute-page: Education/GroupAttributes?action=attr
  • Q: How do you change the side bar for a group X/ of subpages?
  • A: Edit the page X/SideBar.
  • Q: How can I upload files to the wiki?
  • A: Use links of the form [[Attach:SomeName.pdf]] or use the top level right link Attach. For more help see Uploads.


(Functionality wanted.)

Older comments

All pages are subject to access control, but only using passwords, no user names. There can be separate passwords for read, write, admin, upload access. The top level pages all have read access to the whole world, while write access is password protected. We have not decided on password distribution schemes yet, but do ask if you want access.
Dave asked: We gave up trying to host a project wiki at Chalmers and paid for external hosting. How does it work? Is there an annual fee?

PJ: ITS säljer numera (sedan 2007) "tjänsten wiki" för en fast årlig summa (10kkr?). För att undvika att betala flera instanser har D&IT-institutionen köpt en gemensam instans som alla inom inst. är välkomna att använda och efter nästan tre månader(!) levererades den för några dagar sedan. Jag själv avser använda den dels inom grundutbildningens ledning och dels inom FP-gruppen (och ledningsgruppen har efterfrågat en wiki flera gånger) och mitt mail var ett test / förslag att börja använda den även för SET-gemensamma angelägenheter.

Det finns i nuläget ingen kontohantering, men sidor kan lösenordsskyddas genom att editera url?action=attr. Jag vet inte så mycket mer, men default-lösenordet är (utelämnat här;-) om du vill prova. Den finns något slags stöd för LaTeX inbyggt, något som matematik använt i ett projekt (wiki.portal.chalmers.se/mvtex).

PJ: Moved a few pages from a MediaWiki instance to Education.SR and Education.Organisation by copying text from edit frame to edit frame and making minor syntax adjustments. Crated a profile page Profiles.Patrik Jansson for logs like this.
PJ: First test of editing the wiki - access was restricted to Chalmers IP so I had to "tunnel in" and use firefox remotely to perform these first edits from home. (Later changed to open access spring 2008.)