Applications granted by VR 2009

(se also VR2008 and VR2010)

Div.TypeFamily nameFirst nameTitle20092010201120122013Comment
CERamStenströmPerCHAMPP: CHalmers Adaptive Multicore Processor Project3 714 0003 714 0001 857 0001 857 000
CEIndFjällingTobiasConcurrency control strategies for in-memory web caches in application content-delivery networks schablonschablonschablonschablonSuperv. Per S.
SETRamHughesJohnPutting functional programming to work: Software design and verification using domain specific languages3 714 0003 714 0001 857 0001 857 000
SETIndPerssonAndersDomain specific language for real-time embedded software schablonschablonschablonschablonSuperv. Mary S
CSProjDybjerPeterTypes for proofs and programs 735 000735 000735 000
NSProjAulinTorJoint network and channel coding for optimizing the performance of digital wireless networks 750 00000
CSETotal  All the new projects together7 428 0009 817 0005 353 0005 353 000904 000

Total sum over four years: 28 855 k SEK

Source: VR decision for NT 2009-10-29 (Excel sheet with all the grants)


  • Ram = Multi-project grant (ramanslag)
  • Proj= Project grant
  • Ind = Industrial PhD position
  • schablon ~= 450kSEK/y "Amount: the standard grant of 1,808 kSEK for complete, full-time postgraduate studies, including VAT where applicable, plus an increment for the HEI's overheads by agreement between the Swedish research councils and the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF). Grant period: maximum of five years." (quoted from the VR instructions for Industrial Doctoral Student's Project)

Other applications submitted to VR 2009

Div.TypeFamily nameFirst nameTitleComment
CERamLarsson-EdeforsPerCarbon-nanotube-enabled 3D integration of high-performance ICs
CEProjLarsson-EdeforsPerMethod to limit nonscale circuit variability
CEProjAssarssonUlfUtilizing GPU:s for general parallel computations - focusing on memory access patterns
CEProjSvenssonLarsTiming analysis for logic circuits in fluctuating power distribution environment
NSRamTsigasPhilippasDataflow models and lock-free datastructures for efficient programming of embedded multicore systems
NSProjPapatriantafilouMarinaFine-Grain synchronizations and memory medels in parallel programming or "Helping parallel programmers avoid nasty surprises with aggressive memory models"
SETRamSandsDavidLanguage-based security
SETProjClaessenKoenQuickSpec: Automatic generation of specifications
SETProjJanssonPatrikEfficient generic programs and specifications
SETProjSheeranMaryContext-aware program generation: an application of functional programming
SETProjHähnleReinerA visual symbolic debugger
SETJunSvenningssonJosefTree fusion
SETIFAAxelssonEmilFunctional programming for improving development of digital signal processing algorithmsMentor Mary S
CSRamCoquandThierryTypes for proofs and programs
CSProjKempGrahamSurfMatch: Efficient macromolecular surface searching
CSProjRantaAarneMultilingual translation in the semantic web
CSProjWedelinDagAlgorithmic identification of dynamic models of biomolecular systems
CSJunNorellUlfPractical programming with dependent types
CSJunDaleviDanielComputational metagenomics: A snapshot of the microbial world
IDProjFjeldMortenFree walking experience in a limited physical space
MVJunGennemarkPeterIdentification of dynamic models from experimental data with application to systems biology and pharmacometrics


  • Ram = Multi-project grant (ramanslag)
  • Proj= Project grant
  • Jun = Junior Researcher Position
  • Ind = Industrial PhD position
  • IFA = Industrial Ass. Proc. (Ind. Fo. Ass.)