Applications granted by VR 2010

(se also VR2009 and VR2008)

Div.NumberFamily nameFirst nameTypeTitle2011201220132014Comment
ST2010-4605SandsDavidRam IKTSpråkbaserad datasäkerhet2 400 0002 400 0002 400 0002 400 000Totalt 9.6M SEK
NS2010-4801PapatriantafilouMarinaProj.Finkornig synchronisering och minneskonsekvens i parallelprogrammering800 000800 000800 000 Totalt 2.4M SEK
CS2010-4661DamaschkePeterProj.Generaliserade och snabba sökstrategier för parameteriserade problem670 000670 000670 000 Totalt 2M SEK
CSETotal   All the new projects together3 870 0003 870 0003 870 0002 400 000Total sum over four years: 14M SEK

Source: VR decision for NT 2010-10-28 (Excel sheet with all the grants)


  • Ram = Multi-project grant (ramanslag)
  • Proj= Project grant

All applications submitted to VR 2010 from the CSE dept.


Thierry Coquand (DI 2010/42) Programming with Dependent Types.

Devdatt Dubhashi (DI 2010/43) Computational Network Science and Appllications in Energy, Health, Telecommunication and Life Sciences.

David Sands (DI 2010/44) [Granted] Language-based Security.

Philippas Tsigas (DI 2010/45) Data Abstractions and Methods for Performance and Portability of Heterogeneous Many-core Architecures


Ulf Assarsson (DI 2010/46) Efficient Algorithms for Future Parallel Processors.

Tor Aulin (DI 2010/47) Development of general methods for performance evaluation serially concatenated codes with iterative decoding.

Tor Aulin (DI 2010/48) Joint Network and Channel Coding for Optimizing the Performance of Digital Wireless Networks.

Peter Damaschke (DI 2010/49) [Granted] Generalized and fast search strategies for parameterized problems.

Morten Fjeld (DI 2010/50) PainMeasurementDevice (PMD): A new user interface and method for reliable non-verbal pain measurement.

Patrik Jansson (DI 2010/51) Strongly Typed Generic Libraries.

Graham Kemp (DI 2010/52) Modelling the parallel nature of physical protein folding with the zipping and assembly algorithm, guided by easily obtained NMR restraints.

Marina Papatriantafilou (DI 2010/53) [Granted] Fine-grain synchronization and memory consistency in parallel programming (or Helping programmers avoid surprises due to aggressive memory models.)

David Sands (DI 2010/54) Paragon: Secure Programs by Design.

Elad Michael Schiller (DI 2010/55) Chameleon-MAC: Adaptive and Stabilizing Algorithms for Media Access Control in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.

Philippas Tsigas (DI 2010/56) Lock-free Data Sharing in Heterogeneous Many-core Architectures.

Dag Wedelin (DI 2010/62)


Peter Gennemark (DI 2010/57) Constrained structural identification of dynamic models from experimental data with application to systems biology and pharmacometrics.

Josef Svenningsson (DI 2010/59) Deforestation.


Emil Axelsson (DI 2010/58) Functional programming for improving development of digital signal processing software.