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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2013-10-14: 15.15-16.00 in the EDIT-room (3364) on the third floor (not the usual room by the lunch room)


  • Welcome newcomers:
    • 2013-09-01?: New PhD student Inari Listenmaa (Koen Claessen)
    • 2013-09-16?: New PhD student John Camilleri (Gerardo Schneider)
    • 2013-10-01: New PhD student Daniel Hausknecht, ProSec (Andrei Sabelfeld)
    • 2013-10-01: New project assistant Daniel Schoepe (25%, 6 months)
    • 2013-10-01: (not really new) project assistant Per Hallgren (now at 100%, 6 months)
  • Activity planning 2014
    • feedback wanted on the plan
    • Research planning: supporting young researchers (AlRu, EmAx, JoSv, JPB, MeWa, PhPh, MoJo, DaHe, NiBr, CeIo, NiSm, ...) in grant proposal writing


  • ST division organisation
    • We are now ~52 at the ST division and this is well outside the (at Chalmers) recommended interval of 10-30 employees for one manager.
    • Some delegation of tasks from Head of Div. is needed for this to work out well.
    • I will get back to this question when it has been discussed in the dept. steering group.
  • Language support for our students as part of our courses
    • Please send input to Miroslaw Staron (the CSE dept. vice head for BSc and MSc Education). "I do not have a deadline. This is something that will happen continuously. The sooner I get the answer the higher the chance that we still have resources to satisfy the need."
  • PhD student General Introduction day (required): (A personal invitation has been sent to all new doctoral students). Information about time and place as well as a link to the online registration is available
  • CSE dept. steering group meeting notes
    • Michel Chaudron is the new head of the Software Engineering division from 2013-09-16
    • Faculty funding from Chalmers to the department level is roughly the same for 2014 as for 2013. Somewhat simplified the department has grown, but so has Chalmers as a whole making the CSE dept. share of the cake unchanged.
    • An industry request for a 2-day Ada course with security aspects was turned down by ST after consulting Chalmers Professional Education, the Steering Group and the ProSec group. The topic is right, but the size too small to make the extra structure worth it.
    • Employee Performance Appraisal discussions with all employees should start soon and be done by the end of the year.
    • 2013-10-15 14:00-16:00 in the lunch room there will be an in-house lecture (in Swedish) by Stefan Tengblad on the topic of ‘Medarbetarskap’. The lecture is primarily intended for those employees that participated in the ‘Medarbetarskapsprojekt’ workshops in 2012, but everyone else is also welcome.
    • The next Medarbetarskap-workshop in 2013 will take place on December 2-3 and January 14. Mary Sheeran and Gerardo Schneider will represent ST this time.
    • The workshop dates for 2014 will soon be announced so that those who have not been part of it yet can register.