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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2013-12-09: 15.15-16.00 in EDIT-8103


  • Software Technology Center? Computing Technology Center? Security center? Software testing center?
    • Patrik, Mary, Gerardo and others want an inclusive, research-focused center which could be called "Software center" if that name wasn't already taken
    • Dave, Andrei, many others could form a "Security center" (complementing the Lindholmen security arena with a center on the more academic side)
    • Discussion lead by Andrei, Mary
  • Teaching teams disc. (based on input from Peter Dybjer and Ana Bove)
    • Ana, Wolfgang


  • ST Division meetings 2014:
    • Normally the 3rd Friday of the month at 11.00-12.00. First meeting will be during the ST Winter Meeting 2014.
  • ST Winter meeting 2014
    • Organisers: Meng, Nick and Cezar
  • Congratulations to the VR grantees! VR2013
    • Laura Kovács: GenPro: Generating and proving program properties via symbol elimination
    • Koen Claessen: Proof-based testing -- Using proof techniques to enable automated testing of complex algorithms
    • Magnus Myréen: Systems verification - the last mile
    • Nils Anders Danielsson (at the CS division): Practical nested induction and coinduction
  • Employees leaving
    • Jonas Magazinius; PhD; 2013-12-31
    • Arnar Birgisson; PhD; 2013-12-31
  • Performance Appraisal discussions meetings ongoing (60-90 minutes each, with "PostDocs and up")
    • 10 meetings in the first week (2013-11-11/15): DaHe, DaSa, GeSc, JaSk, JoSv, LaKo, MeWa, MoJo, NiBr, RaEn
    • 10 meetings in the second week (2013-11-25/29): EmAx, AnSa, CrCa, KoCl, UnHo, NiSm, JoHu, WoAh, JPB, PhPh
  • Grant deadlines:
    • VR (Swedish research council = vetenskaprsådet): 2014-04-09
      • Regular project grants
      • Project grants for young researchers
      • (NEW) Multi-project grants for strategic ICT research "Rambidrag för strategisk forskning inom informations- och kommunikationsteknik)
    • European Research Council (ERC) plans to launch the first calls for Starting and Consolidator Grants under HORIZON 2020 on 11 December. The deadlines are planned for:
      • ERC Starting Grants (2-7y after PhD): 2014-03-25
      • ERC Consolidator Grants (7-12y after PhD): 2014-05-20
      • ERC Advanced Grants: 2014-10-21
    • Source
  • Friskvårdsersättning Chalmers (wellbeing allowance)
  • Expense reports: last deadlines for 2013:
    • 2013-12-04 for GU-reports (to Rebecca)
    • 2013-12-10 for Chalmers-reports (to LRS)

Text from Mary's slides in preparation for the center discussion

Industrial collaboration

  • Strengthens research
    • new ideas, problems, people
  • Makes it easier to get national and EU funding

Industrial collaboration

  •  We should not all be hunting alone
  •  We need support from the dept and Chalmers
  •  We need to support each other!
  •  Our environment needs to make it easier to establish and maintain the necessary links

Imagine a centre

  • Run by us (the researchers)
  • Inclusive and welcoming
  • Showcases existing research
  • Helps us collaborate over group boundaries
  • Enables many types of projects with industry
    • even very lightweight ones, even projects with a single industrial partner, internships … startups
  • Monthly meetings with technical talks (also interesting to MSc students)

More imaginings

  • Security
  • Functional Programming
  • Software Test
  • Formal Methods
  • Big Data
  • Parallelism
  • Language Technology
  • ...

Dept wide or also involve S2?


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(What are Next Actions?)

  • Form a group: Mary, Laura, Emil
  • Return to this at the Winter Meeting
  • Bring it up at "kollegiet"?