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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)


  • Short presentation by Magnus Myreen
  • VP 2015

Wanted (organisers of):

  • Newcomers' party?
  • Winter Meeting 2015


  • EducationStrategy2015: notes from strategy meeting before the summer
  • AssocProf Recruitment 2015
    • The working group has had the first meeting 2014-09-09
    • Aim is for a HoD decision 2014-12-15 to initiate recruitment early 2015 of two permanent positions (for teaching and research)
  • Courses in need of a teacher
    • The new MSc thesis courses needs a small group of examiners (2014/2015)
    • DIT085: Test and Verification (Jan-March 2015)
    • ... (Ana Bove has the full story)
  • Possibility to request "half" Postdoc funding 2015-16 for Traffic Safety research
    • Deadline 2014-09-22
    • "... the Area of Advance will co-fund a Postdoc with a maximum of 500 kkr per year for 2 years."
    • CSE contact: Johan Karlsson
  • Decision before the summer about "SO 2.0 - Ekonomiska ramar och förutsättningar"
    • The five government-funded areas of advance (Energi, Material, Nano, Produktion, Transport) will most likely still get their funding for 2015 and 2016. (Sums up to around 180M SEK/year.)
    • The other three AoAs (including ICT) will receive some funding 2014 (amounts unclear)
    • All the eight AoAs will share some distribution of 100M SEK/year from faculty funding
    • Dave Sands is "our contact" - acting as head of the ICT AoA
  • Programme profiling/development at GU
    • Our education programs at GU are currently being revised and updated and we would like your input on where you see these programs in the next 5 years!
    • What do you think is most important for the programs, and what is most important for our students in their future professional roles?
    • You will be able to share your thoughts on note boards in the lunch rooms of both campuses, you are also welcome to add to this document