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ST Division Meeting 2015-11-10 at 13:15 in the EDIT-room (3364)

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)


  • Visibility and Web presence
    • NiFr
  • Education overview:
    • (JaSk): Introductory programming courses: status? changes?
    • NiBr: BSc projects: status?
    • MaMy+MoJo+JoDu: MSc projects: status?
    • TODO: Course Clusters: I want all clusters to meet before the end of January to discuss course plans before the Chalmers deadline.
  • Research project overview
    • See table below
2015-09EUPROWESSJoHu, NiSm, MiPa, AlGe
2015-10VRSpråkbaserad datasäkerhetDaSaVR framework grant
2015-12VRSecOpenAlRuVR junior project grant
2015-12VRFPHWMaShA functional programming approach to hardware acceleration of algorithms
2016-04?AoACSmCTMaShAoA seed money with S2 (~100kSEK)
2016-04?AoARRPPIWoAhAoA seed money with S2 (~300kSEK): Rigorous Reasoning about Product and Production Interdependencies
2016-06TKDATDSLsofMathCeIo, PaJa, AdSE amanuensChalmers education quality funding
2016-08SSFRAWFPJoHu, KoCl, MaSh, PaJa + others
2016-12?SSFDataBInDaSa, GeSc, DeDu@CSData-Driven Secure Business Intelligence
2016-?VRStaRVOOrSWoAh & GeSc 
2017-12?STCaFuStartCaFustart package (1 PhD student)
2017-12?STMaMyStartMaMystart package (1 PhD student)
2017-12?VRSysVerMaMySystems Verification – The Last Mile
2017-12?VRGenProLaKoGenerating and Proving Program Properties using Symbol Elimination
2017?VRREMUArRa@CS, GeSc, KoClReMU: Reliable Multilingual Digital Communication: Methods and Applications
2018-01EUGRACeFUL20% PaJa + IrLV PhD studentGRACeFUL
2018-09EUCoeGSSPaJa, MiPa, CeIo, DeDu@CSCoEGSS Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science
2018-12?VRPBTestKoClVR project grant: funding AvdP as PostDoc: Proof-based testing
2018-12?VRLEARMoJoLearning and Exploration in Automated Reasoning
2018-12?VRAppFlowDaSa (ProSec)VR framework grant: AlSj + MaVi + 1 PhD position in the pipeline
2018-12?VRDecentLPAnSaVR project grant
2018?EUARVIGeSc, WoAhEU COST action on Runtime Verification beyond Monitoring
---EUSYMCARLaKoERC Starting Grant placed in Vienna. SYMCAR: Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning for Program Analysis
2019-12?WallTheProSeLaKoWallenberg Fellowship 2014: Theorem Proving and Symbol Elimination for Software Analysis and Verification
2025WallWASPDaSaWallenberg Autonomous Systems Program, TODO: find out ST impact?



Newcomers' party next week

There is a tradition that the "newcomers" organize a party in Oct/Nov - some more information is included below.

ST Newcomers' party 2015-11-18

Var:CSE lunchroom

This year's STd newcomers' party will take place November 18th. Overall, there's 10 of us to introduce and whose arrival to be celebrated :) We really hope you all join!

Details on time, agenda, activities, etc. to come! (the event is in the make at this stage).

Preliminarily: 17:00 Mingle 18:00 Food 19:00 Powerpoint karaoke 20:00 Mingle some more

Please sign up below to attend. There will be food so if you have any dietary restrictions indicate it in the comments.


Newcomers after the 2014 party:

  • 2014-12-01: AlGe
  • 2015-02-01: AvdP
  • 2015-03-01: ThAn
  • 2015-03-01: StvA
  • 2015-08-01: IrLV
  • 2015-08-01: AlSj
  • 2015-09-01: AdSE
  • 2015-09-01: AnVo
  • 2015-10-01: PeHa
  • 2015-10-01: MaVa