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ST Division Meeting 2015-12-14 at 15:15 in TBD

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

(DaSa chairs the meeting)

Prel. agenda:

  • TBD


  • ST Winter Meeting 2016
  • The yearly salary setting process at Chalmers is soon starting
    • Information: Salary (soon to be updated)
    • News for 2016: new "salary setting meetings" introduced
    • The line manager sets the salary (after calibration at different levels)
    • (The GU process for 2015 is ongoing.)
  • New faculty positions in 2016
    • It looks like the CSE department proposed plan will be accepted
    • Proposed plan is 2 new Prof. positions (CE + CS) and one new AssProf (ST)
  • Fakultetsmodellen / the faculty model
    • (new, simpler name for basfinansieringsmodellen, DI-projektet, departemensmedelsmodellen, ...)
    • A key question is the distribution of "slots" (faculty positions with partial funding from the faculty model)
    • The basic decision is to keep the Chalmers-total constant and only discuss the distribution between departments.
    • The 2016 level is already fixed to the level 2014-01-01.
    • Next in line is the decision about the number of slots for 2017. (No later than 2016-04.)