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This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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ST 2014-11-11: 11.00-12.00 in EDIT-8103

(One of the ST Division Meetings.)


  • Course Clusters: follow-up and next steps
    • I want all clusters to meet before the end of January to discuss course plans before the Chalmers deadline.
  • Research project overview:
    • What is new (2014/2015) and what is ending (2014/2015)?
    • New: 2014-01: Formal Methods: Software center sprints (spring and autumn 2014)
    • New: 2014-09: Systems verification - the last mile: MaMy junior project grant: funding MaMy
    • New: 2014-09: DSLs of Math: Chalmers education quality funding (CeIo, PaJa)
    • New: 2014-10?: Gen Pro: LaKo VR junior project grant: 1 new PhD student
    • New: 2015-02: Proof-based testing: KoCl VR project grant: funding AvdP - new PostDoc
    • New: 2015-01?: AppFlow: DaSa (ProSec) VR framework grant: 3 new PhD students?
    • New: 2015-01?: DecentLP: AnSa VR project grant: 1 new PhD stundent?
    • New: 2015-01?: Learning and Exploration in Automated Theorem Proving: MoJo VR junior project grant: prel. funding MoJo
    • New: 2015-02: GRACeFUL: EU project: ~20% PaJ + ~70% CeIo
    • End: 2014-12?: Domain specific language for real-time embedded software: AnPe VR industrial PhD position
    • End: 2015-06: StrongLib: currently funding parts of PaJa, JPB, CeIo
    • End: 2015-09: PROWESS: currently funding NiSm, MiPa
    • End: 2015-10?: Språkbaserad datasäkerhet: DaSa VR framework grant
    • End: 2015-12: SecOpen: AlRu VR junior project grant
    • End: 2015-12?: A functional programming approach to hardware acceleration of algorithms: MaSh VR project grant
    • ...


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