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Welcome to the Chemical Physics Wiki

This is the local wiki for Chemical Physics which general purpose is to supply useful information. Our official webpage under Chalmers main page can be found here.

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Most information can be found from the new member page.

The wiki is divided into three main parts:

  • One GENERAL section that is useful for all members
  • One EXPERIMENT section that contains information mainly useful for the experimentalists in the group
  • One THEORY section that mainly contains information useful for the theory part of the group

You can navigate on the wiki by clicking on the links in the sidebar to the right or the tabs up below the logo.

Under PmWiki in the sidebar you can find information about the wiki, how to edit it etc. Editing pages can be done by pressing Edit up to the right. A short guide for how to format text is then shown below the editing window. Only approved users can edit pages and upload and download files.

If you want to practice editing on the wiki go to WikiSandbox and just click Edit. Here you should be able to edit without a password.

You can upload files by logging in (by clicking Edit, for instance) and then clicking Attach. Remember to name the file you are going to upload and to choose a file name with the correct file extension. For example remember the .pdf for manual.pdf.





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