New members at Chemical Physics

This is meant as a guide for new members in our group. Below you will find several guides with different kinds of information (click and thou shalt be redirected)

General information
New in Sweden
Useful links
For lab-users
For PhD students
For KCK members
For Master's students

Finding information

Most information is somewhere on Chalmers Insidan.
This wiki tries to link to Insidan as often as possible.
Tip: use the Google search engine. It can work better than the internal one.

Info document

Information regarding work enironment and procedures at Chalmers Physics can be downloaded as a pdf here.

Who to turn to...

  • for computers: Chalmers IT support (website here). mail: support (at), phone: 031-772 6600
  • for administration: see the information on this wiki, talk to your supervisor or just take a swing and ask. They will redirect you to the right person if they can. You can always emal info.fy (at)
  • for equality/discrimination issues (someone outside the group): Per Blom (per.blom (at) HR Specialist, Department of Physics
  • Information about salary, travel reimbursment or things related turn to LRS (L√∂ne och reser√§kningsservice), phone: 2632, find more info here (in swedish).





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